JOURNAL: JLennonfan978 (Jason )

  • A-Hole 2006-07-19 20:53:09 Hey, i just want to say something. I've never used the journal before but right now i have to say something to whoever it was that gave me a bunch of bs and abnoxious comments. What happened was just today that i found that someone left me about 5 comments saying about how bad my earlier videos were. Just to let whoever it was that left me those comments that i made those videos all in January and February and that was about 8 vids there and i still just began using windows movie maker. I just wanted to make videos nomatter how bad the editing was dammit. If you havent seen my 2 latest videos then go see those and u'll see that my videos got much better. I also have a newer video coming out that im just putting finishing touches on and will probably be out by tonight.

    PS whoever left me the comments why not tell me ur user name and then we can talk about how much of an a dick u r. 
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