JOURNAL: Pierrot Le Fou (Mark Osborne)

  • Dev Journal 2003-02-19 15:52:17 I'm so damn bored. I guess I'll turn this into my very own AMV dev journal.
    So yeah, so far I've made two full AMVs, neither of which are hosted or
    anything, which bloody sucks. I'll probably just send them off to Red Wolf
    once I finish my next one. Hah. That's a laugh. Someone actually paying
    the postage to get my AMVs sent to them. I'd probably just get swamped
    with hate-mail for using subtitles in "Pierrot Le Fou". Well I did it on
    purpose goddamnit! What good is a character profile AMV with no
    subtitles? I mean you honestly can't profile someone in just images. It's
    glaringly incomplete that way. Oh screw it.

    My next vid will probably be the only "good" one of the three. It's gonna
    be Puddle of Mudd's "She Fucking Hates Me" set to NGE, mostly episodes
    15-17 because those ep's are pretty much all dialogue and relationships
    and no action. I think there's ONE angel in the three episodes and it's
    just a damn black hole with a zebra striped ball bearing looking thingy
    floating over it. But I shouldnt complain because it gives me tons to use
    for this AMV. ;D

    Oh yeah, and if you're actually reading this and have trouble getting
    Smart Ripper to rip everything on the DVD [ie: it only rips one episode]
    or if you want to rip w/ subtitles note me and I'll help you out. I'm too
    lazy to type it all now, and I'm not even using the comp that I do all my
    ripping on. Ciao. 
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