JOURNAL: yoshi1013 (Derek Lieu)

  • Cowboy Salsa video 2003-07-20 10:55:26 Lalala, here to pimp out my new Cowboy Bebop video:

    I'm really pleased with how this video turned out. I've wanted to make a good Cowboy Bebop video and have a lot of fun with it because I love the series so much. I think I've extended myself a bit in my editing skills with the matching of the spaceship movements with the rhythm of the music which I've had stuck in my head for days now.

    This Quicktime version is kind of low-res because I don't have much webspace but I'll be uploading a higher-res version once I fine tune some minor flash frame issues after I get my first DVD back from a friend of mine.

  • New Video 2002-09-03 15:11:45 Am here to shamelessly pimp out my new video which is my "Lord of the Rings"/"May it Be" music video which I made in about a weekend 'cause a friend of mine challenged me to make a video with no definite beats that I could cut footage to.

    Download if you like, review if you like or hate

    email if you think I'm shameless in that I only appear when I create a new video. 
  • MWA-HA-HA-HA!! 2002-05-03 09:10:31 2000 Hits! Digitized Final Fantasy X footage, have a slew of ideas I have. I didn't want to, but my roommate wants me to go with my silly idea of setting FFX to "It's a Sin." Which may be funny or may end up like EK's "Worst Video Ever."

    Anyhow, teaser and trailer for my film and my friend's films are at:

    Not that anyone really reads this journal. 
  • GAAAAAH!!!! 2002-02-20 11:26:52 My primary actor who I love and really wanted to work with can't be in my film because he has some other obligation which couldn't be rescheduled. Now I gotta go look at headshots and stuff and audition someone new, bleah, shooting in less than three weeks.

  • Oh Well 2002-02-19 20:52:06 Didn't win for "Best Character Profile" in the VCAs, but I guess the odds weren't stacked in my favor since I think of the videos in the category mine wasn't the most well known. I liked Hakura's video too (if it weren't for all that incredibly cheesy text I'd REALLY like it, but you can't have everything).

    Oh well, better luck next time, I might be making a Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust video since I'm ripping the footage for my girlfriend who's going to be making a video for it. But only if I think of a good song to go with it, whatever.

    Gotta focus on shooting my film for now, shooting starts in three weeks, hope I'm ready then. 
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