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  • New Stuff... 2004-03-19 00:36:51 I droped the studio name 'Panzer Supream Studios', cuz, well, it was a pretty stupid name. :P
    I now follow the title 'Ion Studios', spawned from ( I've been on staff there for 6 months now, helping with general media and the such.
    So, with the dropping of 'PSS' that also means a new site. ^_^ Right now Im upgrading (if you can call it that) my old site to look more inline with PI. And eventualy move it all onto Mike's (owner) server... no more pesky adds! Im kicking off the new layout with a Escaflowne theme... still in progress, but seeable:
    At present I've only been working on the main page, everything elce is still *blah*.

    The video I was planning on having finished before the end of this month will most likely not happen. I was planning on using my spring break to finnish it up (2 weeks, woohoo!), but, nah. The site is occupying my time at the moment. So, *hopefully* it'll be finished before mid April.

  • So on and so fourth... 2004-03-05 19:26:32 Whoray, t'was my birthday... yesturday! ^_^
    That was, boring. Had the usual -- special dinner, cake and presents... 'cept this year I only had one to open because 2 are late and I got money from my parents to go shopping, which I did last weekend. Its all good. One more year and I can legally go into a bar/liquor store and pick up my own booze, haha, good times.
    This weekend, hopefully, will be that partying part of my birthday, heh. If not, there is always next weekend

    Project KuT-up is coming along vary smoothly. We're down to 2 tracks left! Wow, eh!? :P And now, we're about 50% complete! I just have to finish up an intro and the ending credits, add the transitions, and tada, we're done. This thing should be done either June or July sometime, well, thats what Im aiming for anyway.
    So, if y'all interested, theres still 2, count 'em, 2 tracks left.

    With the coming and going of my birthday, I aquired some new anime and cds of course. With that, I decided to change my Retro Video Game Project track to StarFox Mertiorave OC Remix using Voices of a Distant Star. I had Bahamut Lagoon Dragons of Paradice OC Remix with Escaflone, but that song was so slow and boring it was hard to do anything with so I scrapped it and took this new one.
    StarFox for SNES is the sketchyest game Ive ever seen, haha. Its all pollygones and stuff... great game though. I'll have fun playing this one for a good while.

  • Humm... 2004-01-22 23:52:01 Seems html dosent work in journal entries...

    Go figure. 
  • Oooh, the pain... 2004-01-22 23:50:13 I believe in the past month I have become compltely acident prone. First it was my van, and now my precious left (Im left handed) arm! *sob*
    Me and my talent managed to slip on the ice at the areana playing broom ball dunring pe class... tore the cartilage in my sholder. Now that, I can tell you, is unpleasent.

    Other news, got my new videos up for download... yesturday I am thinking. My ftp has had non-stop activity since then. ^_^ Im quite happy with that.

    <A HREF="">Short AMVs For Shot People - Track 50</A>

    <A HREF=">Short AMVs For Short People - Track 7</A>

    <A HREF=">Macbeth</A> 
  • Ugh... 2004-01-20 23:11:29 Woweei, Its really been a while since I worte in here.

    After almost 3 months of nothing, I have 3 new videos to put online... well, short amvs. Two of which are for the 'Short AMVs for Short People' project, and the other one was a personal project. I did that one for my english class... on Macbeth. Im telling you now, if you havent read Macbeth, keep it that way! >_>

    Also, if you havent heard, I have creatoed my own multi-creator project... Project KuT-up! So far we're moving pretty smothly, with 4 of the tracks done and only 10 out of 21 tracks left. We're half way there! ^_^ So if your intrested in helping out, come and join!

    Exames are next week for me... *sigh* I have 3 exames to do: English, Socials, and Math. And if I fail English I get to do it next semester, oh joy! *sarcasum*, and if I fail Socials I get to do it next year... real fun. Oh well, I dont do my work what should I exspect? I know, the award for doing nothing the best! Yeah, thats it. :P

    Now, you know how people always say "Oh, it'll never happen to me."? Well, I was one of them people. Now Im not. Why? Well, you see, I crashed my friggin van. >_< And apparently the price in cardborad has gone up dramatically... $600 for my bumper, $500 for my left head light, and $400 for my left fender. The whole thing was made out of fiberglass and styrofome... You'ed think vehicles would be made of strager materials, but nope... and thats why I say I might as well be driving a cardboard box. -_-;;
    $4000 is what all the coasts came to, taxes, labour, etc. Luckly insurance covered most of it... I only had to pay $300 >_> And now they might take my licence away, for my vary absolut first acident ever, thats bs.

    Well, at least I still have my health *hack hack*... never mind... 
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