JOURNAL: sweetdeily (Sweets Deily)

  • Auty and I made a girl video ^_^ 2008-04-30 22:13:55

    for all that fanboy goodnesss ^w^ 
  • New Collab with Autraya in the works 2007-12-10 00:28:56 Watch out AMVience my pretties we be making something for/about you ^w^
    Now that writers month is finished I'm starting the Roto for the new collab with Aut *reminder to give her the songs for some segments*.

    On another topic I completely disown anything she does with bambi for Christmas, I flatly refused to help in anyway whatsoever with that video, ^_^;;; she's destoying my childhood!! And Mini-kun isn't helping his segment is just wrong!!
  • MEP is finished 2007-01-24 07:14:20 finally finished, it's a pity truck couldn't do his segment and had to work overtime a lot. On the plus side more shounen-ai candy for the viewers.
    Aut did most of the action but we both had to do other bits for truck.
    uugh first time using Premiere for me 'cause Autraya didn't want a WMM monstrosity even if I did huffyuv. I still don't get avisynth (good thing aut wrote all that stuff). Although I spent the last week being her CS2 slave :(
    at least she's starting to get the hang of it... AE blew my mind tho.
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