JOURNAL: Dalton6 (Dana )

  • Amusements 2007-05-05 11:54:22 I habitually log on to the org just to browse the oddest of things; the currently posted journals and the changes in my video's star averages. Oh, I still download amvs, but not daily, not like this odd fascination to follow the little changes that go on here.

    In the journals my fascinations stem from curiousity: Who's complaining today? Who's having problems with their video? Who's having problems with someone else at the org? Who has good news for a change? Who's posting interesting links? Who's posting inane but hysterical babble?

    In my video list, I'm constantly amused by the bouncing direction of my video's star averages. I know the rating of videos are subject to the whims of varied taste: Do I like the song? Do I know/like the anime? Do I like the two together? Am I in the mood for happy, funny, serious, or other? etc, etc.

    I have fun trying to guess what was in the mind of the person whose star rating moved my average up or down for a certain video. Since I get very few comments I have to guess. Ah, the fickleness of a spoiled audience (because spoiled we are with the overabundance of amvs found here). ^_^

    Yeah, these little things are why I log on every day.

    OH! and voting for banners. I like to see the new submissions (and, sadly, I don't like most of them) and put in my vote. Guess that makes three things I continually log on to the org for.  
  • Just another day 2007-04-29 18:12:23 It's nice to visit the org and find q.c.s Thank you!

    I'm trying to find out if I'm brave enough to play with After Effects.

    Perhaps...I'll work on improving the quality of a normal AMV (which I'm still frustrated over).

    Hm, but I'm in the mood to work on that parody.

    If only these were the hardest decisions I'd ever have to make in my life.  
  • Missing Japan and friends 2007-04-07 23:35:12 It's only been a week since I've been back from my trip to Japan and I'm already missing it and the friends I shared the time with. I would so love to go back and spend more time wandering Shibuya, taking more pictures of the people and watching them act within the world around us. I wish I had the means to visit Japan and my friend as often as possible. Alas, my account is dry and there's little hope that it'll be sufficiently beefed up any time soon, let alone within the year. Sigh.  
  • Anxious 2007-03-15 19:58:41 Only a few more days left before I'll be taking off for Japan.

    I'm getting excited! ^______^ 
  • Wheee! 2007-03-07 23:08:45 omgosh, I am so tipsy. I really shouldn't even try to type, let alone be online.

    I'm an this is okay...and I'm not this is even better.

    As for amv stuffs...I've got ideas, I've just gotta get them on the drawing board.

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