JOURNAL: Venomi (Ville Virta)

  • Something nice 2004-10-11 08:17:38 I was looking at my little questbook lately and i was supriced of those few nice entryes. Thanks to those. It cheered me up a little. :) 
  • So it goes 2004-09-17 12:05:24 Latest, or should i say last perhaps, AMV is on it's way. No comedy, no black humor. "IMO at least". Plain sad drama. :P Too bad no-one understands it. :P I hope so.. 
  • quest book 2004-09-07 14:42:15 I put it online again. been offline for ages. I wish to receive some comments there. It's easyer then leaving an op anyway... 
  • Been long, same life. 2004-09-02 13:46:19 What to say? What has happened? well... heartbrake, pain, death. To say it short. Too much to write here. I don't feel well... And propably never again feel ok. Looking back... People always say that you forget the bad things in life and remember the good ones. It's not true. Or if it is, then why do i remember so much bad things and so little good things? Two ways to go from here. Dunno yet which one to choose. Crossroads of life i quess. Of well... Not that anyone would even know that i'm gone. :P 
  • Damn stressful life.. 2004-07-05 10:11:48 I have worked my ass off at work and to do this animecon so that hopefully nothing goes wrong. Both life and organizing this event has been more then stressful. "some people know pretty much of the life part" I wonder how i still keep up... Thanks to few, i mean few, (where might the others be, i don't give a sh*t about anymore) AT persons who has helped and done the things that are needed to do this Con. These persons do really deserve the credit of helping and the name of Arctic Tribe suits them more then well. Other idlers, who some i have not seen in 1/2 years, don't deserve the right to carry the name of this studio. IMO... Anyway, not long and this whole thing is, hopefully, well done and behind. Then it's time to think if i still wanna continue to do these things... Frankly, i am thinking of leaving whole AT. I was the one originally making the studio, but i don't like how it is today. Arctic Tribe still means a lot to me but... those who idle and just don't take any part of studio things or even hasn't done first AMV, even saying they will half a year or more back, well. Can you call them AMV artists? AT is to me an AMV studio. If someone wanna make AT idlers community, go ahead. I rather leave. 
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