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  • FINALLY =D 2008-07-17 18:03:31 Aproved everything in College. Now I can go and relax in Costa Rica the whole week :D (yeah, I'm not crazy to stay here in this winter).

    oh yeah Nintendo @ E3 = FAIL
    Microsoft @ E3 = Nice work on stealing the exclusive of FFXIII to Sony, but you keep making your popularity of thiefs increase more and more each year :) (nice Mii rip-offs too, for the people that don't know)
    Sony @ E3 = Nice work Sony, too bad your PS3 is still too fucking expensive for me to afford. (but the games look amazing)

    EDIT: forgot to add, Persona 4 Looks amazing, can't wait to buy it on December 9th. And ToS2 kinda dissaponted me with the special attacks, but the game still looks promising to try out (ToS fanboy lol)

    if you don't get what I mean with the last part then watch this:

    and compare it to the first game's special attacks:

    they are missing the cut-ins for the old characters D: 
  • I can't believe it!! 2008-05-30 13:24:42 <rant>
    The thing is we have this class in which we have to do a huge business project for the semester, we were doing well and we have 1 month left to deliver the final paper. Now what happened? we had a meeting with out teacher and she found out that our project wasn't the thing we were supposed to do, she said that it needed to be a business we needed to run by our own (like our own company and stuff), the thing is she never said that in the begining, so now 3 out of 6 groups are having our same problem cause we developed it as a project to help other companies, not something we would run by our own >__> (even though we know we will never do it in reality). Now I wonder why she never said that (or noticed that for that matter) in the other previous meeting we had with her T___T, she could have spared us weeks and months of investigation and work on something that wasn't going to work out for her standards!!.

    So yeah, we have 3 options:
    - ind a solution and change the focus of the project (which in our case is REALLY complex)
    - Change project. Entirelly. Search a new idea with the focus of being a service/business of your own and... well, work hard cause you have 1 month left.
    - Give up and fail :/

    ... we went for number 2... oh god this is going to be a busy month :/
  • O: 2008-05-27 19:28:10 Souls of the Night has 1001 local downloads!
    (lol first time any of my vids have gotten over 1000 if you didn't notice)

    ok now you can ignore this :P

    @Melee: Stress is one hawt babe once you dominate her O:
    @Scott: thanks for sharing those vids :). I liked them! *thumbs up* 
  • UPDATE!!... update? 2008-05-19 10:17:34 hi all, long time no see, eh?

    well I figured I should write a bit of whats going on with me, why no MSN or any online chats? why so little .org "life"? why no AMVs since January?

    well, dunno if you remember I had serious troubles to keep on with me studies last year, too damn things to worry about, too much things I wanted to spend my time on and so. Well this year I'm trying to pay less atention to other stuff, I started to use my time in the things that:
    1- matter the most (studies)
    2- would made me blow off the stress of number 1 (playing video games. what? they help to do that, believe or don't)

    so yeah, how has this worked so far? really awesome. I have gotten superb marks so far and I'm pretty happy with that, since I do have time to have fun in real life XD.
    But the thing that was sacreificed the most was AMVs and my "online social life". Sorry guys, you may not heard from me until first semester is over, I want to finish this the best I can, learnt from my mistakes of last year, bla bla bla.

    I still <3 you all, please understand me. Thanks. 
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHINO!!!! :D 2008-05-10 18:29:31 ima late .___.

    *gets back to study calculus* 
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