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  • The more I read what I previously wrote the more... I seriously consider checking myself into an institution 2007-09-28 03:10:50 my comments for Corn and Shit-

    There is a -sort of a- joke floating around this, and maybe some other (but NO forum is like THIS forum -_-) forums. It basicaly revolves around Corn. I can't tell you what corn means (pie, cherry and the infamous melons ^.^), but I CAN tell you, you'll like it *.*. I hope you like this video too -_-

    -LMAO!, Jesus! I can't stand myself sometimes -_-

    QC for Corn and Shit-

    # 2007-09-01 17:20:44I love corn!

    Oh! and Cami, how'd you know I found that on the forums ;p. Yeah, I did, and it had been bugging me since I released this video back in May, 2005! But I finally let my curiosity get the better of me and did a quick search lol. I so smart -_- (just a little slow!)

    December can never be too soon ;p 
  • PM for the FIRST Valentines MEP 2007-02-18 00:42:58 Quick Comments For: an AMValentine's Day

    * 2007-02-10 15:43:52I don't get it

    ... considering the subject is love, I don't think ANYBODY gets it o.0

    And oddly enough, the second AMValentines MEP doesn't have any qcs yet!! And only 2 ops... WTF?? I have single user videos that do better than that lol. 
  • dittos 2006-12-18 15:08:53 # 2006-12-09 13:49:50Im more addicted on cORn now Oo

    Bethany?? I know your a naughty one...

    # 2006-12-12 01:35:52OH! that's something i could do. Uh oh, I just sent it to some ANTI Effects guy he's probably gonna hate it.

    and again, I'm confused lol but I'm glad you liked it -_-

    Oh! and Jubby, could you please add my Corn video to your summer mep info page?? If you can, not sure if you can now. 
  • PM for Corn and SHIT 2006-12-10 20:21:06 # 2006-12-10 19:41:24Needed some one else with class to do this.

    I don't understand lol is that a compliment or sarcasm?? lol but yeah ;p it's a great joke to play around with. 
  • LOL! 2006-07-20 22:10:31 Ayane, well, as long as it's not AMVSlut.... ;X

    LG- welcome back! I'm still not at 1000 ops, been pretty slow since you stopped your judgements -_- I enjoyed oping every one of them and I hope to continue. Soon as I get a decent computer that is... I'm on an old pentium laptop right now, as I set up broadband in my new house. 
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