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  • Hmm... 2008-05-07 00:07:30 I'm *considering* doing something I'd call "A Song For Everyone - FINAL CUT" in which I make one super-long video using all the characters from Volumes I, II, and III. I'd improve video quality for the first two, adjust some things that didn't work, and maybe re-do one or two characters and give them new songs.

    What do y'all think? 
  • my braaaaaain 2005-07-15 23:54:53 I'm actually trying to make the third volume with better programs and small useful tips out of the AMV guides on this site. I won't use awesome effects or anything because then the third volume would be too different from the first two, but maybe I'll throw in something I haven't done before... something small. For now, I'm just editing songs in "Audacity." 
  • *wanders in* 2005-07-10 01:14:15 Ooooof, it's been a while, eh?

    I've been getting more and more emails lately asking me to do volume III of FB's "Song for Everyone."

    And I've decided to finally do it.

    I'm in Japan now on a laptop, so who knows if my machine can handle this, so I might have to delay a bit in working on it 'til I get a new memory chip to boost my laptop's memory to a whole gigabyte, but we'll see.

    Thanks to everyone who liked my previous two volumes. It means a lot that they were as popular as they were. 
  • Whew 2004-01-14 16:52:40 Okay, it's uploaded. Enjoy the new video, and please, for the Love of God, leave an opinion! 
  • Whoopdee-F*ckin'-Doo 2004-01-11 04:04:02 Wow... I actually had the VOB files I needed on my hard drive. So now it's done. It's done!! But I'm going to show it to some IRL friends first to see what they like/dislike before I throw this thing online. If they like it enough, I may just upload it from their apartment. ^_~ 
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