JOURNAL: burntoast (Danny Jun)

  • Wow, it's been ages! 2009-12-19 13:20:53 Winter break and I've been working on a special-something for the past week or so! Fortunately, it seemed my editing powers were still strong after like.. 4 years of being out of the game? :d I'm excited to show you all what I can still make - watch out, 2010!
  • "Hell, maybe I wanna become a rock star..." 2006-05-02 22:00:43 This month, I'm gonna try eating just healthy foods.. no junk stuff. Maybe there'll be a significant change in my body, maybe not. Goodbye, cheeseburgers. Hello, chicken salads and wholesome meals!

    Hopefully I can actually start my part time job sometime this week.. Girl at the store mentioned the application guy saying good stuff about me, so I look forward to it. :)

    I wanna take guitar lessons soon.. Bass guitars seem about right. Hell, maybe I wanna become a rock star someday. Dreams are good to have, right?

    Might as well take taekwondo lessons again too. I wonder if I'm spending too much money on needless? Oh well, at least it's an extra-curricular activity (and I need way more of it).

    Still haven't takin the math accuplacer for the community college.. But I am a failure at it after all. Video Production courses sound alright.

    NANA is a cool anime.. Girly, yes, but cool nonetheless! 
  • Just wake me up.. 2005-09-06 21:03:58 Here comes the rain again
    Falling from the stars
    Drenched in my pain again
    Becoming who we are
    As my memory rests
    But never forgets what I lost
    Wake me up when September ends..

    And now.. editing shall commence. :) 
  • Finished watching Beck 2005-04-05 15:07:20 What a great anime, I feel so much more in tune with my rock-music-spirit now. :P The ending felt kinda rushed, so I guess I'll have to read the manga to get a better idea of how it really concluded.. Fans of all types of rock music really need to check out this anime. :) 
  • 2004-05-26 19:12:41 Having been at the Org for a good amount of time, I'm strangly feeling old.. As though I'm out-of-place in today's generation of AMV creators. Lately I've been browsing the forums quietly, and looking up past threads from '02-'03. I miss the days when the older members used to post more frequently, and when topics were more diverse and interesting. But I can't change the fact that people move on to other things, away from AMVs and such. I should really stop thinking about the past.. I'm glad to be where I am now, thanks to this great community. So here's to '02-'03, to great memories and to great people. 
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