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  • This is bye bye... 2016-07-28 06:07:56 I got my new PC yesterday. It's aweful. I loved my old one had shared my flat, my life and all my matters for nearly 15 years now...and only had needed a heart-transplantation once. Best 800 Euro spent in my life. But well, for the sake of save online banking: Now it's bye bye Windows XP, bye bye Ulead7 and hello Windows 10 and Adobe Premiere. GOD! I hate it so much. Adobe is just no good. Feels like my editing-time will be over for a while now... I also bought the Corel Video Editor (once Ulead), but it's also not the same... Maybe I sound like an old granny now, but things get awkwardly and needlessly complicaded the more often they get worked on.

    At least it was a good show at Nippon Nation and I was able to win the AMV-challenge with my last Ulead-made-AMV. Really---thinking about all those years, I'm a bit proude of what Ulead and me have achieved.

    Well at least the big fat ugly new guy is fast and almost noiseless. Let's hope for the best. Next goal is an AMV-question for our quiz at Austrians AkiCon. 30 seconds of editing should be okay, even with Adobe-programmes. xD
    Good thing I have to puke from PC-gaming (especially shooter games). All my friends predicted that I woul start gaming with this hell of a PC and never go back to editing again. Well, thank you motion sickness! The two of us always knew what's good for us.  
  • Without love it cannot be seen. 2014-09-02 04:50:12 Really – I do hate people. Especially those from Austria. Our kind has this very special mannerism to bitch about just everything, no matter how unimportant it might be. Related to our AMV-scene things are getting worse every year due to a second cicumstance:
    We are a very small country althrough we run about 5 AMV Contests a year. (this is also a result of people being sticklers and gregarious animals). Due to the limited number of experieced editors, those in charge do not really change for any of the contests. Also those people are highly subjective in their opinion - or put in an other way: Their desicions especially this season lead you to the conclusion that they have clear preverences apart from the given rules. (a fact you cannot eliminate completely tho’)
    In combination with us sticklers, this is a more and more frustrating situation.

    I personally made up my mind about the jury at Aninite last year. I had a talk there with a guy I used to adore a lot for his very affectionate relation with the scene and AMV-making in general. That really got me to the ground...(that also was when I started writing this juonal. But I think I did not make that enry public – it was not nice...)
    Put together: I came to the conclusion that the relationship of our „higher ups“ and the participants is very much like the Magic/Antimagic problem of Umineko (if anyone knows by chance). Our persons in charge are virtually Battler-style-incompetent and the editors are stuck with the Beatrice Problem (=> without love it cannot be seen).
    That’s truly unfortunate...and it makes me feel very unhappy with my current place in the community. Dunno what to do about this – really it’s a hobby and I don’t want to argue with people just because of that.


    This years contest made me feel VERY VERY happy and also delighted. I was so unsure about my AMV cause this one had a very unsusal bith.
    I got amazing feedback! Just the usual jury-related complaint but people generally gave me solely good response. I lack the ability of seeing this myself but it seems I’ve developped my own style of some kind. If someone comes to you and says „That was so much Kenka-like!“ – that’s awesome. xD
    Also I got what I work for every year: That look in some peoples face that makes you know they „understood“.

    (Truly I feel bad about all the editors who are pissed and grumpy because they did not give up on Battler jet...)

    Ah! If you read that far: Please do not bother to check at my profile please! The AMV is not yet uploaded! (I’ll do that at the weekend.)

    Wish you all a very good time and glorious editing!
  • Art Thievery sucks... 2014-06-18 04:46:00 There was a potential AMV-thievery at the last contest I took part in. Strangely neither the original creator nor the organizers seem to care. I wonder if this is gettin' normal these days... A sad thing that people claim someones efford and work for themselfs and even more sad that obviously the person in charge at the contest does not do a thing to prevent or explain such a happening. (Maybe there will still be a reaktion in the upcomming weeks...I'll keep my fingers crossed.)

    And suddenly, people who ad those ugly water marks to their AMVs make more sense... xD  
  • Back for the main event! 2014-03-28 21:19:29 I caught some nasty virus two weeks ago and had to stay in bed most of the time. So I started working on my AMV for Viennas Aninite in August. (I'm still slow as hell when it comes to editing so I got used to rack my brain early on to catch the deadlines.)
    I got stuck with some ideas and finally managed to choose one - so there will be an AMV of an anime I've already used in the past - never done THAT before. (The AMV I already did was done in 2 weeks so I still couldn't settle my hype about the series yet.)
    I came surprisingly far within the last days and it's very funny to watch how my idea works out (or not xD) and how the anime and music work together in reality. It's always a lot different from what I originally planned but to see that change is always the most interesting part (and the most fun when you realize that it STILL will work out fine). In the current case it seems to become a LOT more serious than planned but also a lot better then I thought. (...still wanted to make some fun-AMV again after all that slaughter in 2013...)
    Let's see, what we get in the end... I'm enormously encouraged by the good feedback I got for my recent work so I hope, I can keep up...

    (I really do hate that those entries are not editable...always find so many mistakes later...) 
  • New AMV - yippie! 2014-02-07 18:00:19 Just made my hand over for Fuyu Conventions AMV Contest. It's a real good feeling to know that the new convention-season is finally approaching. I think, it worked out fine but rendering still is a pain in the ass. I'm curious about the other entries and if someone else from the Studio will be participating. (I put my hopes in Bauzi, since he made some allusions in his journal.) Anyways, I'm really looking forward to the contest.
    The AMV should be available around the end of February. Not that there are so many people standing in row - but just to let you know. :) 
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