JOURNAL: KunoichiYuko (Azuka )

  • Itaii! 2001-12-01 02:20:46 Ok, I'm in pain! Stupid dentist! Right after school I had to go and deal with the pain! Ugh...don't think I'll be getting any sleep tonight.

    But that's okie, since my crush let me borrow his Devil May Cry! I just started and I'm on the 17th mission! With the help of my crush of course >_<. He and my friends just left a few minutes ago. They comforted me and my pain. well...a little anyway...

    Today...was kinda kewl acutally. My teachers luved my group's McBeth video. I played as Witch # 1, Lady McBeth and camera girl! I also tried to edit it...but feh...ran out of time. Oh well. We did get an A! ooohh big shiny A! 
  • Oh boy... 2001-11-27 22:02:33 My electronics teacher is either going senile or is just plain insane! He wants me, ME, to manage the videos that groups in our class will be making. Why oh why did I mention that I knew how to use Adobe Premier! Now he wants me to tutor people on how to use it! That alone takes up a LOT of time and I won't be home until like 4 in the afternoon!

    Well in any least I was able to show off some of my vid's in class >_<. I originally brought in a cd with my vid's to give to my friend. He started watching it during break in the Electronics class and my teacher passed by. Later he announced that he wanted to show some of my work to the other students. It seems that I've inspired a lot of people through my work! Kinda nice...

    It just...keeps getting colder and colder! I know it's just San Jose but DAMN! Why don't it just snow already!

  • whoo hooo! 2001-11-27 09:48:57 Yeah~! My banner made it in with 68 votes! Guess Vash gives it some good luck!

    Gotta leave for school in 15 minutes. I really, really don't wanna go! >_< I took one step outside and it's freezing! Sunny California my ass! Oh well...maybe I'll get some hot coco when I get to school. That is...if I get there. Seems we're having car trouble...There ain't no freakin way I'm gonna walk! HELL NO!

    I've been working on an English Project these past few days. My group decided to make a short movie on the book we're reading, McBeth. We got it done yesterday, but I wasn't able to get it in my computer for more graphics. Oh well.

  • Made Banner 2001-11-26 19:40:55 Made a new banner. Yep...finally made one with Vash in it.

    I realized today that I'm getter better grades than I thought. Put me on an ego trip the whole day. Kinda fun since I totally annoyed the hell out of my friends.

    A friend of mine finally got a copy of Adobe Premeir, and now he's asking me for tips. Expect to see a lot of DBZ vid's by him -_-;
  • To Utena2501 2001-11-24 11:59:57 Utena2501 - I really hope you feel better! I think it's really clever of you to be researching on what you're taking. You're obviously in a very scary situation, but there's nothing I can do except to say good luck and take care of yourself! Don't do anything crazy!  
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