JOURNAL: MeriC (Meri Cantoni)

  • Two new AMVs from AWA 2004-09-28 10:45:55 Booyah!
    Title: Sex, Lies, & Roses
    Artist: Midtown
    Song: "Is it Me? Is it True?"
    Footage: Shoujo Kakumei Utena
    Participation: AWA 10 Pro; WINNER "Best Angst", NOMINATED "Best Drama", NOMINATED "Best Character Profile"

    A very dark and... well... angsty!... video focusing on Akio and his use & abuse of Utena.
    Title: Enter the Dragon
    Artist: B3-PROJECT
    Song: "THEME FROM 'Enter the Dragon' ~Revival 2001 Mix~"
    Footage: DragonBall
    Participation: DDR Project 4: 5th Mix; Track 11

    Fun action DB (not DBZ, mind you) video! Our first real "After Effects video," loaded with tons of DDR in-jokes. Also, watch Hsien dance in one of many in a series of videos.


    The con itself was a blast. Got to meet lots of new people (Castor, Maverick, ShnKnives, Corran, AtomX, + more!), and hang out with the usual suspects. So many AMVs in such a small amount of time leaves me feeling very inspired. In addition to wanting to practice for Iron Chef next year (myself and VegettoEX will be facing off against the undefeated Kusoyaro in next year's AWA Iron Chef), I also just feel like working on videos. We'll see what I can pump out in the next year! 
  • Otakon 2004-07-29 11:40:24 Going to Otakon in a few minutes. Have a video in the contest. Video will be online for download when I get back... if you're going, see you there! Uhh... bye! 
  • Crapload of new videos 2003-09-29 20:43:05 AWA was this past weekend, and that means tons of new AMVs from me and VegettoEX. We won Best Romance in the Pro contest, and Grand Prize in Expo. Our two DDR 3 Project tracks are also now available for download. Soooo, hope you like the videos!

    AWA 9 PRO: Winner, "Best Romance"; TITLE: "Let Me Save You"
    Editors: Meri & VegettoEX
    Band: Something Corporate
    Song: "I Want to Save You"
    Anime: Kimagure Orange Road

    AWA 9 EXPO: Winner, "Grand Prize"; TITLE: "Obligatory EVA Trailer"
    (NOTE: This video has not yet been moved over to the collaborative system... coming soon...)
    Editors: Meri & VegettoEX
    Source: "Sealab 2021" (Season 2, Episode 5 - "Tinfins")
    Audio: "Tinfins" (Fake Movie Trailer)
    Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

    DDR Project 3, 4th Mix; TITLE: "One Two (Little Bitch)"
    Editor: VegettoEX
    Band: Bus Stop
    Song: "One Two (Little Bitch)"
    Anime: Goldenboy

    DDR Project 3, 4th Mix; TITLE: "Walkie Talkie"
    Editor: Meri
    Band: King Kong & D Jungle Girls
    Song: "Walkie Talkie"
    Anime: Kodomo no Omocha

    AWA 9 EXPO; TITLE: "The Slugfest Can Can (Version 2)"
    Editor: Meri
    Artist: Offenbach
    Song: "Can Can"
    Anime: DragonBall Z

    AWA 9 EXPO; TITLE: "Nobody Blink!"
    Editor: VegettoEX
    Artist: Takayuki Iwai
    Song: "Nobody Blink"
    Footage: Final Fantasy VII

    [no participation]; TITLE: "30-Seconds Funny"
    Editor: VegettoEX
    Artist: Goldfinger
    Song: "Superman"
    Anime: Kimagure Orange Road
  • Whoa mama 2003-08-25 12:06:44 Shoujocon has now passed, and apparently "Deceptive Passions" won third place ( in the AMV contest. That was kind of a surprise, since the Saturday showing of the contest at the con had very little audience reaction. I recall the people near me (VegettoEX, Anneke, Fungie, Scott Melzer) being the ones having to start the applause. ;_; But, hey, that's cool. Second year in a row I got third place at Shoujocon. I wonder who got 2nd and 1st? 
  • New AMVs for the pickin' 2003-08-11 10:24:36 Otakon's already come and gone, and that means two new music videos up and ready for download:

    "Deceptive Passions" (Fushigi Yuugi)
    Song: "Pretty Girl" by Sugarcult
    Won 2nd place in Romance / Sentimental category at Otakon

    "Obligatory EVA Trailer" (Evangelion)
    Audio: Sealab 2021, season 2 (Tinfins trailer)
    Won best Short Film / Trailer at PortConMaine 2003

    Enjoy! I'll write more about the con itself later, probably in my LJ. I can usually never muster up enough effort to write long reports, though... 
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