JOURNAL: breeman (Jeff Nixon)

  • Too many Ideas... 2004-02-15 16:03:52 I decided to write down all my ideas for my upcoming videos, since I have a lot. And the grand total came to 14 video ideas. The first two on the list are Naruto videos, i'm going to get those done first, because I recently joined a Naruto web-site ( and I wanna get them done so I can put them on the site. God knows what order the other 12 videos will be completed in, and whether they will be completed at all! All I can say is, I have too many Ideas right now.

    Also, the video I had mentioned in my last journal entry was never completed... due to... technical difficulties. I don't know if I'll ever finish it. 
  • I'm Making a MeiKing video! 2003-09-12 15:27:03 I have about 2:00 done on a new music video i'm workig on, using an anime called "MeiKing". The series is only 4 episodes long, because its actually a hentai. But its also got lot of great fighting scenes and such (I will only be using the non-hentai scenes in this video). The song i'm using is "The Tower" by Platypus. This song is 3:30 long, I decided to go short, since my last video was 6:00 long. More info soon! 
  • Easier To Run (Progress) 2003-06-16 19:36:36 I currently have 1:13 finihed on my Rurouni Kenshin music video "Eaier to Run". Since school ends for me in 2 days, I wil soon have much more time to work on this video. Right now it is coming out great! I have many Ruruoni Kenshin episodes captured as well as the Samurai X motion picture! I am going to start making more music videos to anime's besides DBZ now, so.. Wish me luck! 
  • Ruroun Kenshin - Easier to Run 2003-05-08 18:07:57 Hello! This is my first journal entry, simply because I haven't had time to write any before this one. Right now I am capturing/converting the footage I plan to use in my next Anime Music Video, Rurouni Kenshin - Easier to Run. It will use the song "Easier to Run" By Linkin Park. Now I know this song is a little un-original, but the anime is totally original! (And i'm not using the OVA's because I have much more footage from the show available). If the Linkin Park song doesnt work out (I'm sure it will though, the lyrics match Rouroni Kenshin perfectly) I may use the song "Cover my Eyes" By Dream Theater. But I'll probably end up making a second Rurouni Kenshin video using the Dream Theater song. The quality of this video will be very much like the quality of Cataclysmic Clash, (Maybe even better!). So, wish me luck on this, now I gotta get to work! 
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