JOURNAL: ElijahZAFT (Nicole )

  • Banners 2005-10-20 11:28:51 You know what I realized...that making banners for this sight is just a waste of time. Seriously I've had some really good ones that I thought would be worthy enough, but they always end up unworthy. And if you knew which ones I did, you can tell they're not craply made either. So now i've decided that I;m not going to make banners anymore. So yep that's mine opinion on banners. They are a waste of time.... 
  • First Time!!! 2005-10-04 00:54:04 Hello to anyone who reads this. This is my first time using the "Journal Entry." (I feel so dirty) XD.
    Anyways....Just like to tell you that I did my first collaboration video. That was fun. AlchemyUser and I put this video together. I just wanted everyone to know about it so they can download it. :D Maybe I should tell what video it is. *slaps forehead* Okay to all GRAVITATION fans this one is for you. The song St. Jimmy from Green Day. (Awesome song I might add) Everyone should watch it. Hey if you don't like it then delete it. That's all I have to say.
    Oh wait one more thing. I might be going to my first Anime convention. I'm so excited! It's right here in my hometown at the College Campus. I think I might cosplay there. Oh and they're having an AMV contest. I don't know if I should enter it though. If I did I don't know what video I would send in. Maybe you guys can decide for me? If that isn't so bad, but that's alright.
    If you want to contact me go to my forum site and just PM me there. (I don't like giving out my e-mail. Just paranoid about stockers) What me scared of stockers? I just took a self defense class. Boy was that fun. I know 3 ways to kill someone and and 5ways to break a bone. (knee, nose, elbow, wrist, heel) Oh and I know hoe to pop someone's shoulder out of place AND how to rip someone's ears off *gross* Yeah that's a little too much. Well that's my first time. Enjoy the reading of this first journal entry from ElijahZAFT! *bows* :D 
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