JOURNAL: CCoojak (Chris Blakeslee Jr.)

  • Gaara's Pain part 2 2006-01-31 13:37:54 It is done! The video is up and available for download. So please feel free to watch the video, leave an opinion or even email me with any questions, comments, or anything like that. I am always willing to hear from you guys and value criticism. Thanks, now go watch my video. -Chris- 
  • Gaara's Pain 2006-01-27 15:14:56 Finally! It's about time I got off my rear and actually completed this half finished videos. I just finished my Gaara tribute video, to Johnny Cash's Hurt that I have been working with off and on forever. It should be coming up here shortly, like in the next few days. My Naruto tribute and Trigun video are still off in oblivion half finished, I may get around to finishing one of those next. Who knows. Anyways, watch for my Gaara video. I think you guys will like it. Thanks -Chris- 
  • On the prowl 2005-06-13 17:21:49 Alright, so I have those two new videos up and ready to be viewed, so please watch them. And leave an opinion. That would be super. Anyways, now that I have those two done, its time to keep going. I have high hopes for future projects. Please help me to create great works of art, your views and opinions count, remember that. Okay, that's it for this one. Stick around, and see what the future holds.

  • I AM VICTORIOUS!!! 2005-06-11 20:23:10 I have completed the newest video, and it should be up shortly. Its a Cowboy Bebop video but I'm not sure everyone's going to like this song. However, if you would like to, give it a shot, the song kinda grows on you after awhile. I mean it, it does. Alright, I guess this is a really short one, I'm going back to compressing so I can get it up tonight or tomorrow morning.

  • Videos on the way 2005-05-11 14:13:25 Ok. So I haven't posted that short video yet, but I will. I promise. I've started on a new full length video, but it may take a little bit of time. It a Cowboy Bebop video, just in case anyone out there is interested in what it is I'm doing. I am putting my hopes on getting it done within 6 weeks, if I can find time to shut everyone out and just edit. Here's to hoping. My videos for Trigun and Naruto have been put on hold, again, and I have no idea when I will be returning to them. If this Bebop video comes out well, I may just jump right back on top of those other two. Oh, well, I guess thats all I have for now. More to come as the weeks go by.

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