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  • French AMV Contest 2005-07-31 10:40:24 Despite what I've said, Atvaark and I won't participate with a collaborative video. This video is only half complete, therefore we can't send it, as the deadline is in 4 days.
    Atvaark will probably send one of his former videos, while I've made a new one in 3 days...Not too bad, but not as good as my "UntitledZeroOne" video.
    Hey, we'll see, the results are on the 26th of August ;)

    Ok, a few spoilers about this video : Cowboy bebop - Vitalic

    However, our collaborative video is still in progress, and Nostromo_vx will *probably* help us on this one. Aphex twin fans please stay tuned :) 
  • Working on a new video +other stuff 2004-06-02 05:20:23 I hate to admit it, but I'm really not in the mood for remastering Animix files. It involves writing lots of AVs scripts, and it is boring as hell. Plus it might make some transitions look bad :(
    Christophe's CPU has burnt, so the ending credits are postponed again..

    The DDR video is also Stuck. Stephan, I'm sure you'll be able to work on it and make me want to get back to work on this video ;)

    I started a new video monday, and it's 50% done. It's been ages since I've been able to go further than "ripping the DVD" for a personal project, so I'm quite Happy.
    This video will probably be my entry for the French contest at Japan Expo Paris, although I don't expect such a video to win anything.

    Phade quits working on the website. Gambatte Phade, you did a great work ! I'm sure the community will miss you much. 
  • Animix 5 2004-04-12 17:27:33 Working on it...
    I spent 3 whole days doing stuff for animix o_O
    Christophe should come back from holiday soon and start some amazing credits for the whole project. I know he also has to work on the credits for the Children Project.

    Anyway I did my track on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    I hadn't planned to do amv stuff on monday...but well... started making transitions and stuff.

    We're still missing 3 tracks. 1 of them is on a good way. For the 2 others...well apparently they have uplad problems, but the fact that I can hardly talk to them is a real problem :(

    I hope it can be done in 1 or two weeks :)

    Now I'm just too tired to do anything amv related fr a few days... well maybe... 
  • Ambroise 2004-02-27 03:49:07 Welcome to the real world ;)

    take photos, I want to see the mess you live in :D 
  • VCA - Character Profile 2004-02-14 06:10:24 I voted for burntoast's Kaoru Falls apart

    This category was hard for me to decide :(

    AD's IWIWAL is good...however I'm not sure it is a character profile...well yes, of several characters, but...I think I have a problem with this video given the fact that it is a lot "lyrics" oriented and I don't understand them perfectly...

    Life on Mars was the other "outsider" (with IWIWAL) as it was not a romantic character that was described. Wonka's video is really good, well however, as it is not a romantice video, it is always more difficult for such videos to raise feelings. also I don't know really the anime Armitage so it made it hard to completely understand the whole video...

    Vlad Ponhert's video is good too, I rejected it only because he's got so many awards now that people will start complaining about "famous" editors who always win prizes ;)
    (the same goes for AD, by the guys are nominated in so many categories that you'll get my vote somewhere :D )

    I hesited a lot between The world she knows and Kaoru falls apart, given the fact that both were good and nominated only in this category...well, I ended up voting for Kaoru, as I haven't seen this anime (are these new OVA's from Kenshin I have only seen the first OVAs, not even the series???) and now want to watch it. This girl seems to be in love with Kenshin, but never get "answers" in the hero's eyes...
    Well these 5 videos were really enjoyable, all of them will be burnt on a CD :) 
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