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  • Remorse? 2003-12-12 16:32:15 Soul searching...

    I've been on the scene for some time. It may indeed be time to step down and let others take my place. I'd like to think I've made some kind of impact.

    I've got one last project in the works before I step down and disappear into obscurity. Will anyone remember me or does what we do really not matter to anybody? Are AMV creators like the days of Rome? Are we to be replaced and forgotten? History's track record is not on my side.

    I hope something I've brought to the table has in some way inspired and developed our trade. Good luck to everyone still in the game.

  • w00t! 2003-03-19 16:25:26 Wow, haven't look at this thing since my first entry.

    People appearantly read these things... how odd. Better take advantage of that and say: "I uploaded my videos to the Dangling Carrot! GO WATCH EM AND REVIEW THEM PLEASE!"

    <b> Hmmm.... wonder if HTML works here... Could prove fun later...</b>

    Several people have actually asked me to keep any opinions in my journal. Very well, I shall begin doing so, but right now, I don't feel very opinionated. I will say a couple of things...

    It's odd what's happening in the forums. Attacks are flying every, all directed at the inviso-mods. I don't understand this. With all the shit we seem to have in common, people should really just get along. Human nature I suppose.

    SpPanda's re-banning royaly BLOWS. Bring him back! I'm not a SpPanda fan, but when I take an objective look at the situation, it's just wrong what happened to him.

    I even feel somewhat responsible, since it was his valid reply/addition to my topic which got him banned. I am to be damned! It's my fault!

    Hrrrmmmm.... I feel like I'm talking to someone... but they aren't here. This could be addictive. And I can say shit up here and not worry about the overall response of other people. They get to read it and make a personal decision to heed it or ignore it. I like that... so yeah... all you people out there... read it and weep. It's my journal!

    As for videos, I am making one more. When I complete it I'll decide if it's time to quit making videos or not.

  • How in za hell? 2002-01-21 13:38:08 I just noticed this thing. I'm not sure what it's for, but the only reason I am here is because some guy got kicked off the site for having an offensive journal and then made a big stink about it. I'm not taking any sides, but it got me to start this thing. What is it for? Hell if I know, but maybe I'll update it a couple times in the future. 
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