JOURNAL: LostGroundMercenaryKazuma (Dantian Hellsing)

  • Yo Rina 2005-07-08 01:30:07 its normal for it to happen, happens time to time, dont reupload u'll jus have 2 file sin one beleive me ive done it -_- lol in time allt heses vids will appear for wait it out for a while 
  • ...oh opinion about Naruto on Cartoon netowork.. 2005-07-07 08:32:15 For crying out loud, Toonami just freaks things up man FREAKS EM the episode when naruto stabs his hand , they repleaced it with naruto being mad about whats in his lunchbox. i mean WTF MAN WTF! No frggin way theys hould have done that. I was reading on and ADULT SWIM DOSE NOT WANT IT WHY THE HELL NOT??!?! -_-;...humph the dvds better not be like that!....ruining the anime ...why bother..? 
  • Lazyness.... 2005-07-07 08:27:04 ..first entry in this thingy ma, have a great idea for a amv i have the song...i have the source.....the song is on the computer.....but heres the problem...the Dvds are still in the case.....i want to rip them im stareing at them right to lazy and tired to do so....;-; yes i know randomness...why am I even typing here? Maybe to feel part of the grp? lol....who knows.. 
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