JOURNAL: Quu (Patrick Bohnet)

  • fixed 2008-01-31 22:39:40 might take a little while for the dns to propagate

    but re uploaded my vids 
  • SarahTheBoring 2003-10-13 11:46:24 her journal entry "I was going to help seed the DDR3 torrent for a few days, but one of you people was a bitch to me the other day, so I don't think I will. Thanks for the file! ^_^ " in case she privates it...

    and another thing... the creators of the DDR project should have copies of the file.... so the guy/girl who pissed you off won't be effected by your little protest...

    its the other editors in the community who will be

    I bet your proud now 
  • 2003-10-13 11:42:17 SarahtheBoring you prema dona little fuck...

    I don't care about any personal affonrts that may have gone for or against you one way or the other... and though i think your little "childish" post about "nanny boo boo... I'm not going to seed becasue i don't want to... but I'll use the exscuse of some unnamed person not telling me how special I actually am... really... i mean it" is just asking for attention...

    congrats... you got attention... I find your post childish and far to self centered for the quality of the videos I have seen for you? do you have a split personality? one that makes good videos... the other that annoys the hell out of me?

    if you truly ment what you said in your post about not seeding becasue some unanmed person pissed you off... whoppty do... the only reason you would say it poublibally is a pathetic plea for attention... otherwise you would simply not seed... and be silent

  • AWA Pro thoughts 2003-08-26 11:29:02

    I am to lazy to run two concurrent discussions.... even if I posted the url in amvorg's forums... idiots would discuss it there... instead of on the LJ thread...

    if your not in the pro contest or will never be... ignore this 
  • Almost 2003-08-13 13:06:26

    The Master Archive Server is almost paid for... I am so very happy with the suport of the amv comminity. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (and that was not just lunch that caused that)

    thanks to all fo you guys... it makes me happy 
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