• So... 2003-12-17 22:32:35 I don't have anything to say about today. I did some minor things, life and such. I made a couple of posts and I'm now at 5069 posts...which is strange. I guess the mods keep deleting all of my posts of something because I was so close to being number 1.

    Oh well, I'm one some 9 minutes from being tied with # 1 but heck, i'm too lazy and the Mods would probably have already killed all my previous posts as well.

    Anyway, I had some fun today and i realized that khay should start goignon a caffeine binge because his dreams give me nightmares. 
  • I have 20 hits 2003-12-16 20:04:09 Somebody's interested in
    So, interesting thing today? Lots of 'em, but nothing really mportant...

    Anyway, good news? I was thanked by Lcx for helpign with his video. It's amazing, the video, i mean. Great stuff. As for my help, I'm still as confused as ever. lol 
  • So, what's happening? 2003-12-15 19:20:18 Nothing really. Most exciting thing to happen today was my discovery that Phade had started giving people titles, including me. I'm now an Official Recovering OT Junkie.

    Good day! ^^ 
  • so, exactly are these things for? ::ponders:: 2003-12-01 23:59:28 Hmm... ::ponders::

    really, what the heck are these things for? I mean.... ::ponders::

    Alrighty...where's my sleep... 
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