JOURNAL: SephirothX

  • Publicity Makes Me Happy 2004-11-03 11:58:14 *Loox and notices*
    Ahhh sweet... my Final Fantasy X "Into My Eyes" video has technically become elligable to make it onto the Top 10% Videos List! WOOT! ^_^
    Too bad it's only sitting on 8 ops and its score's probably high enough to be booted off the list as part of the top and bottom %s that cut. 
  • Reviving The Past 2004-10-15 12:16:06 I went back and finally uploaded most of my old-school Movie Maker videos onto the server. For some reason those old relics are actually in demand by some of my local "fanbase". So I went and uploaded all of them except for all my DragonBall Z videos and Hero's Test, X Project, and Villains Make The Sun Go Down.

    And just so you all see that my AMV skills arent total crap, I also uploaded one of my more recent videos Final Fantasy 7 - Never Be Alright.  
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