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  • I'm at the top of my game. 2007-02-20 18:35:01 And look here just to prove it:

    Somebody's interviewing me in their blog and asking about my vids and telling me how talented I am, so to all you FUCK HEADS who say I should either "Die already" or "Stop making videos":FUCK OFF AND EAT A BIG FAT DICK, ASSHOLES. I'm not changing what I do, I'm not using the same crappy music that gets used in most other people's AMVs, I'm not changing my editing style, I'm not DYING, and I'm NOT gonna stop making videos, no matter what you fuckers say, so give it up, you can't win this battle. You fuckers are probably just jealous, because I'm not afraid to experiment or try new things or use songs that nobody else has had the guts to use before. I find it funny how all my videos get high ratings every other place I upload them, but here, they only get 3.something averages. I can DEFINATELY see a case of jealousy here, because my videos are getting high ratings everywhere else I put them. And to you fuckers who say I'll never get anywhere with what I'm doing:They say the same bullshit about Albert Einstein and Les Paul, and look at them, they're legends. One of these days, I'll be big time making lots of money, and you fucktards will still be working at 7 Eleven or QuickChek or some lousy 24 hour store, and I'll just be walking in laughing at you inside my mind. So FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, and good night. 
  • To the jackass who said "For the love of God, STOP MAKING VIDEOS": 2007-02-16 01:44:51 No, I won't stop, so shut the fuck up and get out of my sight. Fucking douchebag. Maybe if I had used Slipknot or Linkin Park or some other overused/overplayed/overrated trash, maybe I wouldn't be hearing anything from these cunts. 
  • Still alive.... 2006-05-23 21:04:57 I'm planning to make a new Gundam Wing AMV with "Judgment Night" by Biohazard & Onyx. 
  • BTW 2006-04-09 23:17:14 Sticks and stones break people's bones, not pathetic insults and criticism. Give it up already. 
  • And further more.. 2006-04-09 23:12:23 Even the ones that I spend days, weeks or maybe even months on, this guy is still flaming me. He's not being honest. He just hates my guts. Either that, or:

    A.He has shitty music taste
    B.He's just a dumbass overall 
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