JOURNAL: Cloud_bg (Antony Popov)

  • :P 2005-08-03 15:15:21 What an idiot I am....I forgot to give a linK:)

  • Return from the ashes aKa New video Entry !!!:) 2005-08-03 15:09:32 This is my first video from the 3 years pause break I`ve made ( the first after I finished the work on M:I project ). Now I haved wathced a numerous amount of AMV`s ( some good , some bad, samo awful:P)
    Things had changed here in Bulgaria:) Now there many more new creators, some of them very skilled and of course that enspire me to start some new projects.
    This video although is not very ambicious. I decide to make it for AMV Contest at Bunkasai 2005 (located in the city of Veliko Tarnovo)
    This is a pure "Dance, dance" video. The idea came to me after i wathced the video of the song "Hey ya" performed by "Outcast". The idea of this is video imitate the style of old `60-`70 bands which performed their songs in front of bunchs of beutifull girls ( which often lose concious when the vocal smiles at them:). U know what I mean:P So i decide to make a anime remake of the original Outcast video:)
    I choose Interstella - 5555 becouse there are 2 concerts perormance which almost match the original video. The problem was that when I cut the footage there was almost 8 minutes of useful stuff ( I mean concert performs ) To make 4:03 min AMV for 8 min footage is hard work ya know:P
    I finished the AMV for over 16-17 hours of editing.
    So the result is in front of you...a dance, funny, original remaked, non-engadet video that many people considered easy for wathing:)

    Enjoy it and if U want live an opinion:)  
  • AMV Announced 2002-11-15 20:51:12 Finally I have found time to seet in front of my PC and announce my new ( now its not so new ) AMV called - Frame Runner ( Idolo )

    If you like it or dont like it please give your scores and opinion.

    And first of all......

    .....Enjoy it!
  • FF8 AMV Released 2002-09-16 20:45:02 My new amv Final Fantasy 8 - Keep Hope ALive has just been uploaded, so you can download it and enjoy it. Go ahead;)) 
  • Final Fantasy 8 AMV 2002-08-14 19:25:33 This is my first AMV postedn on this site and the second I ever made:

    Title: Kiss from a rose
    Anime: Final Fantasy 8
    Song: Seal - Kiss from a rose
    Leght: 5:13
    Size: 48 Mb

    The inspire for this movie came becouse of mine x-girlfriend.
    I put a lot of feeling in it and the movie became not so bad.
    I`am sure that all anime ( especialy FF ) fans will like it:)
    I expect many critics but this is just my second video so I look forward to better AMV`s 
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