JOURNAL: JaggedIce200 (Jag Ice)

  • Laziness 2002-12-06 11:40:58 Man on this new Amv I have been working on, it taking way to long, and guess why.... I got real lazy. Since go to work and school, I have been butt tired. But yes its almost done, and I will try to not take so damn long. Now I have a new way of editing but it won't be seen on this amv, proablly the next. Brace yourself kiddies ^_^ 
  • As life goes on 2002-10-07 11:26:41 Man this job and school is kicking my ass, but Im getting through it ya know. My next vid is coming soon, its a relax kinda thing, away from the action packed ones. I think Im coming out with two of them. But the next one after this will be the best. Although their might be a action packed one coming up between the two....who knows. I also have little time so be patient. Other then that, life goes on, still doing the best I can. Soon I might have a web site where i make my images on...thats right, I make graphics too. Well until next time. 
  • New starts 2002-09-06 09:50:24 So far, I'm hearing from everyone that I'm doing a good damn job, So I am very happy. If any of you who read my entries (if any) think differently then give my vids the opinion that they deserve. Well anywho, I have a job now, which means....dun dun duuuun...Mulah, Money, deniero. Which also can mean more anime for me to make my vids. Its fuuny, you can have all the ideas for an anime but the time to execute them in a amv could be litte. Let see I will be working on like 4 projects at a time. When I get my day off, I going to work on my amv all day...well try to, I can never do that. 2 hours and then i got to take a brake. But hey let me just let you know what animes you will be seeing from me. Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust, Spriggan, Tenchi, Sakura Diaries, Not in that order. I have more then that but I still don't have a solid plan about it. Let see, I feel like blabbing now...Tenchi and sakura will be a slow pace vid so I you like the type, it will be to your liking. Of course I will not give you guys any soar shyt so You know its atleast worth watching. Peace out peeps ^_^. 
  • Its about time 2002-08-29 12:33:43 I finally can export my vids in Mpeg, thanx to a friend of mine (You know who you are ^_^) So now my second vid is a mpeg. I hope you like it too. Action, comedy with a touch of jag in it. Oh yeah there is a lil guese what this is thing in the begining, i hope you all can figure it out. BUt of course if you don't know.....You will lol. Well I just hope everybody likes my vids so far. And remember to leave a opinion, please, doesn't have to be detailed but if you were going to be so lol. Ok well thats it for now, so enjoy and enjoy me ^_^ 
  • Next thing 2002-08-13 12:53:07 Well It seems that People like my vid..I havent heard a bad comment yet. Even though I only goten 3, thank goodness that I am on a forum with people or i would of never known how good or how bad it was. But anywho, Im starting on my next vid, you might of saw it in m y vid entry. It's not done yet, but it will not take long for it to be done. I say a good....2 weeks more and It will be done. Its going to be action pack with a hint of silly. I am really enjoying it, and hope that it will have great promise to toping my last vid. Hopefully, I can export it without have to go to windows media, because I want everyone to see it in the samw quality I see it, nothing less. I still haven't d/l peoples amvs yet, but since I got the dsl in my room....OH YEAH, I will be up to it very soon....thank god the invention of a burner was made...don't have to fill up my hard drive. Oh yeah, I also do my own art work for the intros...yeah you'll see them when they come up. I have to say that I used other peoples totorials to make them but you can see that I tried to be originall as possible. Well I just hope people will enjoy them and again i stress people to leave comments. If you want me to come out with better vids, then leave a comment on what i did wrong or what I should of done. I will listen, mi open minded so I will take any critism that you give. Well, that was my 2 cents of the day, come back next time to get the quarter, Peace. 
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