JOURNAL: Tom the Fish (Tom the Fish)

  • 2009-08-31 05:39:55 there will always be a headless neck
    there will always be happiness
    there will always be a handless wrist to crush
    there will always be a hopeful heart to disrespect 
  • last chance 2005-05-05 07:15:32 Six of my best videos are still up at until I need the bandwidth and disk space, probably about a week. After that, they're gone forever. 
  • 2004-02-09 22:54:39 No artist is guaranteed an audience. I'm well aware of that.

    Sometimes you have to take note of what you're just not good at and move on.

  • Back to Tokyo 2003-12-13 09:46:42 I'm going back to Tokyo in January for a few days. And this time Iget to see The Pillows! Yow! 
  • .... 2003-11-14 06:45:33 PARDON ME!
    Would you get out of your way, please?

    Breathe fire. Blow Bubbles.
    Adore Yourself
    Anything less is unnatural
    You're too good to be true
    Focus-Quiet-Picture us
    humming in a hot room together,
    straw sticking between our toes,
    patting cool handfuls of mud
    onto each others back

    Look at me and promise that you'll
    never stop what you're doing just
    because someone looks at you
    funny. And that the words
    "I Hate Myself" will never come
    from your mouth. Promise your-
    self that the next time you
    have an idea and the little
    moutherfucker in your head
    says "It ain't good enough", You'll rip
    it's throat out. Promise the uni-
    verse that you'll do the thing that
    makes your house ROCK.

    Remember about pleasure
    The creative cripple walks and kicks
    the lardasses of inertia off the
    ledge!! NOW is the time for bursting
    Dark chunks of debris are flying away
    from us. Sovereign mighty superhero
    Finally, a parade of champions
    and we're not giving out ribbons.
    If you felt good then it was worth it.

    Quiet. Focus.
    Rapture is what we're after
    anything less is unthinkable

    This has been me
    coming from, as always,
    straight from the aorta
    feel pulsing now xxoo 
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