JOURNAL: Deuce Loosely (Richard Bradford)

  • Come onnnn...I wanna upload this! 2010-08-11 02:04:08 I'm still waiting for the mods on the mighty 'org to grant me permission to upload AMV Salad 4. It's been a week already and the entry has been hit over 270 times already. At least I haven't officially announced the release yet so it's not too bad. Still, I wanna pull the trigger and launch the shameless promotion machine into action once it goes live. The response at Otakon was beyond any expectations I or my editors had - over 1200 viewers (I counted), some having to sit on the floor for lack of open seats.


    I have a feeling the AMV Salad 4 convention tour is gonna be even better than last year for AMVS3. We've already begun hatching some deliciously deviant ideas for AMV Salad 5: Happy Meal. You should go to the thread (in the Multi Editor Project forum) and join us... 
  • NekoCon 11 2008-11-09 21:44:22 Like anyone will ever see this...

    I am happy with the results, although the contest was set up in a rather strange way. Drama and Romance were compressed into one category, as were Upbeat and Action, and Comedy was left alone. There were a total of 34 entries.

    How did I do?

    Go Ask Haruhi - 2nd place from 15 in Drama
    Me Wuvs You (v.3) - 3rd place from 8 in Comedy.

    Hey, I won a total of $75 in Best Buy gift cards and I'll probably be staffing on the NekoCon AMV department next year. At least I didn't come away with nothing to show for my efforts.

    The Drama video will probably retire at Katsucon 15 since it will be almost a year since its convention debut. The Comedy AMV will retire at TekkoshoCon 7.

    I only submit contest entries to the conventions I am attending... 
  • Close but no banana 2008-06-15 17:12:19 ...damn.

    Both of my videos made "runner-up" in their respective categories at AMA. So I guess this means I'm one step away from breaking through..? We'll see at Otakon... 
  • Wow... 2008-06-11 18:17:09 My second con this year with two videos on the ballot (Anime Mid Atlantic)!

    Go Ask Haruhi - Drama finalist
    Me Wuvs You - Comedy finalist

    The latter was moved from Romance by the judges because they thought it was "too cute and funny for that category." That's fine with me, although I also have Ranmafan477 and JaddziaDax in Comedy as well...eek!

    What was supposed to be my Comedy entry, Narupepto, was too short for the new 45-second minimum at AMA, but they decided to use it as the intro clip for that category.

    I feel like I'm finally making progres in terms of AMV creation. My next goal is to actually win an award.

    Oh...and AMV Salad 2: the Second Serving is one end-credit sequence away from completion... 
  • Recent developments 2008-05-05 11:45:00 AMV Salad 2 is four weeks from entering post-production and I'm in need of more clips to fill time. I'm still waiting for word from AMA about a panel slot for the first Salad. I hope they're just being slow. If the AMV contest deadline is any indicator (a mere two weeks before con), I may have to be patient. Still, I'm gonna contact someone and get a status report.

    Speaking of AMA, my latest video (Me Wuvs You, found at: was moved from Romance to Comedy by the judges. Narupepto was disqualified because of the minimum time being increased to 45s from 30. The coordinator forgot to post that in the rules for this year. Anyway, as much as I want to submit another video to the contest, I am currently unmotivated and lacking inspiration. Besides, I'm stressing somewhat over the possible outcome of AMV Salad 2... 
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