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  • New vid 2003-07-27 01:12:57 Tonight is not a time to be profound, tonight is a time to be shamelessly proud for finally finishing a new vid:

  • Pre-frontal Cortex 2003-07-24 23:02:55 Read if you are in a thinking mood. Note that none of this is meant to offend or be stated as undeniable fact. These are simply my own personal views:

    Durring the years we spend as teenagers, humans often undergo a series of incredibly stressful emotional experiances. We find ourselves reacting differently to certain situations than we have ever done before. We rebel against our parents, and yet feel the need for love and companionship more than ever before. All of this conflict, this agony and bliss rolled into one, comes from certain nerve synapses being fully developed between the area of the brain known as the pre-frontal cortex and the rest of the cerebrum. In a nutshell the pre-frontal cortex is the area of the brain desegnated for the stimulation of releasers of neurotransmitters that trigger emotions in the human mind. So pretty much, the teenage years are the final stages of nuerological developement, where the part of our brain that controls emotional response becomes fully attached to the rest of our cognitave psyche.

    But what does all of this mean? What's the significance? Why is this even important? Well, its important because it shows that the teenage years are an extremely fragile and delecate time. The emotions you learn and the responses you undergo here will be imprinted upon your brain for the rest of your life. It also makes for a very unstable situation. Emotional responses are amplified as the brain is developing, insanity and chemical imbalance can become serious problems at this point in life. What needs to be done on the part of the teen here is a focus on the positive outputs of life. Happiness needs to be remembered and cherished on a larger scale than saddness. Life is not a hole of endless sorrow and agony for people in this age group, it is just changing.

    If you are a teenager then you should try your best to be as happy as you can by enjoying the company of others instead of pushing them away. Your parents are biologically obligated to be a pain in your ass, but they're only doing it to look out for you in any way that they can. Be nice to them. If you aren't a teenager be sure to remember what it felt like to have such radical brain developement occuring. Think about the things that made you happy at the time, not short-term happy like drugs and alchol, but the things that still make you happy when you think of them today, and be sure to give those same things, those same feelings, to any teenager you might know.

    Whatever your reason for reading, thank you for doing so, look for another entry on another subject in 2 days. On a final non-philosophy related note, go download Tash's new EVA vid, its beautiful. 
  • Iraq and war, Saddam and threat 2003-07-22 22:29:48 Read if you are in a thinking mood. Note that none of this is meant to offend or be stated as undeniable fact. These are simply my own personal views:

    I would just honestly like to ask you to take a moment and read the following article. Once you've read it think about national security. Then think about the Bush administation's policy on the war.

    Whatever your reason for reading, thank your for doing so, look for another entry on a seperate topic in two days. 
  • Killing 2003-07-20 22:59:19 Read if you are in a thinking mood. Note that none of this is meant to offend or be stated as undeniable fact. These are simply my own personal views:

    Throughout the petty amount of time that mankind has roamed this rock floating in space, there has never one been an instance or period of complete intraspecieal peace. People have always killed other people, and accepted that as pure fact and fate. There is a philosophy among humans today that whole heartedly states that total pacifism is impossible, and this philosophy is often used to justify any war in the world. However, it is philosophies like this that keep total pacifism from ever breaching its way from idealism to reality. If people believe that it is neccessary to kill other people in order to ensure stability/security, then killing will never end. However, how easy is it to live ones life without killing anyone? In fact, the mass majority of the world lives this way. Murder and war may be covered in the news, but they are not the prominent manifestations of surpressed human nature. People easily live their lives in happiness all over the world without death as the cause.

    But what is more important than understanding that fact, is understanding why it is not okay to kill people. The reason is, in fact, that it's the only thing in the world that is wholly and truely unfair. In this world, there is nothing that is truely possesed by someone. They can say it is their land or their money, but its still not theirs in any other sense then the fact that society SAYS its theirs. The only thing that anyone truely owns is their own life, it is theirs at birth. No one has the right to take that away from them. Some use death as a punishment, or rather use punishment as an excuse for death. My arguement for them is that they do not truely know what happens to a human when they die. So for all they know they could be giving those who they deem guilty an ultimate pleasure. In all respects, killing is not right. Soldiers do it in war, but they are only executing the orders of men who write their own justice. It's murder, they can dress it up with all the fancy words they want, but it is still murder. In todays world war doesn't have to exist, it shouldn't exist, and murder should die along with it.

    Whatever your reason for reading, thank you for doing so, look for another entry on another subject in two days. 
  • What's so important about why? 2003-07-18 23:45:38 Read if you are in a thinking mood. Note that none of this is meant to offend or be stated as undeniable fact. These are simply my own personal views:

    There is a fundamental flaw in the way that people look at the world today. It's that they only do so based upon two seperate factors, one is the present, and the other is the future that is a direct spawn of the here and now. This is the way that humans look upon all situations, especially the bad ones. We size up our opposition, our enemies, our adversaries, and we think about what they are doing now and what they will do in the future. The flaw that I speak of lies within this observation of mine. We do not focus on the past enough. What we must ask is why our enemies are our enemies. Why do people want to kill or hurt us? If we find the reasoning behind it instead of simply supressing it with more and more violence, then it is truely possible to end hatred by cutting it off at the source.

    The conotations of the question of why run so much further than this alone. When a criminal who is guilty of a crime uses a loophold in the law to escape conviction, then that is once again a case of focusing too much on the what and not enough on the why. For example, it is illegal for the police to gain evidence from a suspects home without a warrant. However, if they do gain evidence that proves that the accused is guilty (i.e. a murder weapon with their finger prints), that evidence cannot be used in court because it was gained through unwarranted means. This is regardless of the fact that it is now know that the accused is guilty. Therefore the accused could still very well manage to escape. All of this happened because there was too much focus on WHAT the actual law stated, and not WHY it stated it.

    The fact of the matter is, that law exists to protect the rights of the innocent, not to allow the guilty to escape. Therefore certain situations need to take the why factor into account. Men are not robots, and laws were written by men for the explicit purpose of protecting the stability of the public from chaos and ensuring that everyone is treated fairly. If that is taken into account then once someone is proven guilty, there should be no loophold for them to latch on to and escape. Such a loophold is, in fact, denying the original purpose of law in the world. If people would spend more time studying the actual purpose of law instead of blindly memorizing it then perhaps fewer guilty people would go free in this world.

    Why also plays an important role in todays events. For example, why do we have democracy? It's purpose, its why, is to allow the people of a nation to have a say in governmental affairs. Its ideology provides us with one of the greatest freedoms of all time: the right to vote upon who shall govern the nation. We choose our congressmen, our senators, our governors, and our presidents. So why is it that there are so many candidates out there using partisan politics to gain the upper hand. More importantly, why are partisan politics effective in the first place? The answer is that the American public is too busy focused on the what, and not the why. They see what a candidate has done, the mistakes they've made through negative campainge ads. However, they do not focus upon whats truely important, why the mistakes even happened. Even more importantly they don't focus on why one candidate is attacking the other in order to promote themself. Are they so unqualified that they simply need to prove that the OTHER person is less qualified? What they should be doing instead is focusing on why they're the right candidate. And if they can't do this, then they shouldn't be running because what the nation needs are people who are not running for fame, but for the sole purpose of bettering the nation.

    My closing thought for you, the reader, is this. When you are faced with a situation that seems extraordinarly unstable or complicated, what you need to focus on is why things are happening, that is the best way to improve the situation. However, you must focus on why ALL the things involved are happening, with a clear and unbiased mind. Just because someone is attacking you doesn't mean they are simply doing it to piss you off. It means that something happened in their past to make them WANT to attack you, or just attack in general. If that something can be figured out and stopped, then at least you can be assured that no one will ever attack anyone else for the same reason ever again. Whatever you reason for reading, thank you for doing so. 
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