JOURNAL: Dannywilson (Danny Wilson)

  • Ok, shit. 2002-11-25 03:45:30 Uploaded my new video for all you journal addicts out there, I'm not publicly (forums) releasing it for another week. You can get it here: <url></url>

    It's using an american series called the Undergrads, a hilarious show that MTV aired for awhile, and then dumped on Comedy Central. The song is called Raum Der Zeit, and it's by a german band called Wizo. Watch the vid, tell me what you think. 
  • Fugging hosting... 2002-11-18 19:06:10 Damn... apparently People can't get enough of my "Not Another One!" video, as well as "Hamtaro Is Hardcore", and several of my old vids. I have had nearly 60 gigs worth of transfer in the past 3 weeks, since I released NAO. My hosting has gone through three different companies in that time, and its starting to strain... Oh well, anything for a laugh. Thanks for the support guys. It really honestly means alot to me, and its good to know I have fans... even if they do email/IM me at least once an hour wanting to know if thaat scene I used in NAO was a homage/parody of Xianpower's "Bitches" video. If anyone is still wondering, yes. Yes it was.

    If you're reading this, tell me what you think of my vids, either in reviews or drop me an IM. I always like to hear from someone new.

    -Wilson Out. 
  • Holy. Shit. 2002-09-10 00:11:51 Wow. Not a hit past 100 on my first public video for a week, and I advertise on the forum for my Old-Crappy-I'm-Still-Learning-Premiere-First-Video, and suddenly things jump through the ceiling. Wow. and from the one rating I got on it, people think I did ok... I thought it was a trainwreck... and the numbers shot up massively for my Sealab 2021 vid too.... and sadly, that is the one I'm much more proud of... well, off to work on my Excel Saga Vid... Wow... 
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