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  • 2005-06-28 22:11:31 Hey, Sammy, can I go on your hate list too? Please. The idea of it just brings me to new, fluid, orgasmic heights of pleasure.  
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    Why do I support this idea?

    I think it would be neat to be able to carry on an extended conversation with a video editor. Though the media for this already exist, I don't feel comfortable with doing things such as sending them an instant message or an email -- oftentimes, people either don't check those or reserve those avenues of communication for other things.

    I cannot guarantee that it would make me leave MORE and BETTER reviews, but I think it'd be a fun idea. Period.

    If you want ulterior motives, I'm afraid that you will have to synthesize them (which you have already done, it seems), because -- at least in my case -- THEY DO NOT EXIST.

    I cannot understand where you interpret this as "reviewer reform", nor do I understand why you rant.
    There is nothing in the proposal that will <i>force</i> a response.
    There is nothing in the proposal that will <i>force</i> people to change how they review.
    The only change is change that comes from <i>oneself</i>. 
  • A journal entry! 2005-03-11 02:15:44 Yes, it is! And I shall use it for advertisement, even though I've definitely made enough advertisements for this site already!

    We need contributors -- not just for articles, but for site usability, article editors, assistance in determining site policy...well, at this point, just about everything. Come on by! You'll be making history!

    ...or something. No, seriously, though, it's fun.
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