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  • Keep on trying! 2006-03-29 17:46:04 What was I saying in my last entry? What is my major malfunction?!?!? *bashes head* Everybody, please ignore my last journal entry, I wasn't thinking....Anywho!!! Ummm, What should I do to make my banners better? Is it because you who voted didn't like the anime? I know, I know, DBZ and Gundam Wing are OLD!!!! and, DBZ is WAY overused, but I still love them both. DBZ is my favorite anime and even though it seems that it has been given a bad wrap, I refuse to dislike it. So, is it because the image on one of them was of Trunks from DBZ? Or did you just not like it? Please give me feedback, I would like to know! *runs to post at the board* 
  • Darn *sniffle* 2006-03-29 16:16:10 Well, three out of four of my banners were deemed 'unworthy' by you people. The fourth one hasn't even been sent out yet....*sigh* guess it happens to the best of us.....*glares* you people.....oh well! ^^ I must keep trying and adding before I can get a good one in! ^^ *huggles all who voted for my the good way* 
  • *sigh* 2006-03-23 17:08:49 Well, for some reason....I feel as if my vids have been left in the dust! ACKNESS!! Anywho, any comments that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind if you have something to say about my videos, I just want something to work with or to read about my work! I like to hear what the viewers want to see improve or what they already enjoy about something. So, I am asking for comments! YAY!! ^^ *runs in circles* oh yeah! I forgot! I am starting to upload banners onto here to be judged/accepted....soon they will surface...I hope 
  • WHEEE!!!!! 2005-11-21 18:11:11 Ok, so I decided that I would do a journal it is!! ^^ Anyway, I am very excited now that my sister is able to upload my videos for me! YAY!! And, Thanksgiving is in a few days, so fun. He he, I think that I will go now because I don't have anything better to do......oh, I am going to be logging things and their descriptions in so, look for them! *huggles* Lub you all!! 
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