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  • AMV Hiatus...Finally 2015-07-07 12:23:48 Well it has been a fun ride, but itís time for a pit stop. My first AMV was 10 years ago, but it was really 5 years ago that I got started on this hobby and it has been a blast. Iím not going to claim some life long retirement from AMVs like a lot of the editors do, but as Iíve been saying for a while, Iím ready for a break. Iíve released some videos Iím really proud of and revisited some ideas to better them as well. Iíve also tried to give back to the community through tutorials and other efforts. Looking back on my time I know I spent it well, but I really do need a break and now with all but one of my streaks ended it is the perfect time. I will continue to update things like the tutorials and AMVpack, but overall I plan to put editing aside for now and just the other things in life as I mentioned back at the end of 2014. I may release one video for AWA as a good farewell for now, but aside from that, this may be it for a few years. Thank you for watching and stay tuned... 
  • Year End (Editing) Update 2014-12-27 11:06:17 So apparently I donít do these very often, but I at least try to get at least one post per year to try and sum up whatís going on with me. This was a really interesting year for me in the AMV community as started the year unsure of what direction I wanted to go with in my editing. Now that the year is almost over I am quite surprised at what I have accomplished in both my editing and other efforts for the AMV community. Deciding to make AMVpack was one of the goals I set mid-year and I never imagined the support I would get from others helping to add additional translations. I would like to give a special thanks to everyone that helped me out with that project and Iím thrilled with the result. So whatís in store for next year? At this point I have to be honest and say that it is time for me to take a break and reflect. While I do have plans to create something for Otakon, I think itís time I finally stepped back and focused on other things in my life. Like all editors, sometimes life just requires you to take a break so you can catch up with it. I hope everyone has a happy new year and I look forward to what the AMV community produces in the upcoming year. 
  • Year End (Editing) Update 2013-11-20 23:25:40 It may seem a little soon for an end of the year update, however after a long year of non-stop editing I'm taking a break for a while to relax. I had a very fun year attending anime conventions and participating in contests as well. As I have mentioned before, this year I focused on creating re-envisioned versions of older videos that weren't exact remakes yet were the same core concept. Both Tough Love and Evangelion 0.33 - Shinji did (Not) Have Sex were well received and I am glad I worked on these projects to really show myself how I have developed as an editor since creating their previous counterparts. I did make some other projects as well, but around mid-year I started to doubt my ability to create new concepts since the re-envisioned videos ended up being the only successful ones based on contest results and ratings. After the last video I worked on, The Solution, premiered in the Anime Weekend Atlanta Professional contest and received a very mediocre reception I had very few expectations in terms of how it would perform in other contest. Surprisingly it did well and I am glad it didn't end up becoming a huge flop like Anten Piece did in 2012.

    Since getting back into editing in 2010 I've slowly increased the amount of output of videos each year. Between tutorials and editing, this year I was pretty much doing something AMV related all the time with little time for other hobbies. While I plan to continue working on tutorials and helping out those with software questions, editing is definitely taking a back seat for a short time while I kick back and enjoy a few videos games I've missed out on over the past few years.  
  • It's been a while... 2013-07-15 11:42:21 It's been a while since my last post, which is apparently normal for me, haha. It ha been a really busy year for me, I've updated the PixelBlended Studios website and created another website specifically for AviSynth scripts. A big focus of my year has been developing tutorials and AviSynth scripts to help out other editors that aren't as technologically savvy to make handling footage easier for them. Since there are so many guides out there that explain things thoroughly, I've tried to make my tutorials as basic as possible so that they can be used as a simple reference. The purpose of this is so that those using them do not have to search through paragraphs of information every time they forget one detail. My main goal is to simplify the technical aspect so that users can easily understand how to better handle their footage and maintain quality so that their videos can look the best they possibly can.

    My AMV development this year has been quite fruitful as well and I was very happy to finally win at Sakura-Con. A couple of the videos I worked on this year were similar to previous projects, and the main idea behind that was to revisit old projects with my current skills. The main goal behind those projects was to see how much better I have become as an editor without simply remaking the old videos, but rather making something new. I hope to continue improving my editing and also maintain the concept quality that has made other enjoy my videos over the past few years. 
  • New Year, New Opportunities! 2013-01-01 23:47:24 Well one year has ended and another has begun. I really look forward to this year and what it may bring for both me and my fellow studio members. For me personally, 2012 was a good year for AMV related matters, but not so much in other areas of my life. After finishing up the year strong in contests, I'm really feeling like I need to try new things with editing. My last video of 2012, Blackout Shooter, was really an experiment in the unknown for me editing wise. It was pretty well received and I hope to keep expanding as an editor. Last year was really great for PixelBlended Studios and it was really amazing to have three great editors join. With the VCAs coming up soon, I look forward to it and hope that PixelBlended Studios and my other editor friends on Skype do well. Here is hoping that 2013 is a great year! 
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