JOURNAL: vchan4568 (Vy Doan)

  • #4 2005-09-22 00:03:00 WOAH! been like forever since i was last here. i was lucky enough to even remeber my username and password! 0_0 Dammit>_< i lost all my freaking AMV'S and they were all good ones too and wanted to show it to everyone but now it's all gone in that old computer since i got a newer and faster computer now. So, i was quitting on making AMV'S since i thought it was stupid. but then, AMV'S are quite useful when you're just sitting there bored listening to music. and you think, "Hey, I should make something out of this, since it's my fave song and all." then i forgot i have no clips. -_- *sweatdrop*

    This sucks. I think i lost my touch too. sigh. How the hell do you make clips??! does anyone know? how the HELL do you make clips. I just don't get how ppl get their hands on them. I know some ppl download em from other sites and steal em from other AMV's (you know you do, don't lie to urself. i do it too, it's aiite). But i just don't get how you get your own. >_<

    HELP PLEASE!!!! 
  • #3 2005-04-08 20:45:27 ugh
    i hate this. it keeps saying error. and they make it seem so easy. feh! i have like 12 videos now. i know i've accomplished alot since writing this journal. let's see...i have 12 videos in my files. and only 1 uploaded on this site. and that video isn't very good either. (sigh) 
  • #2 2005-02-17 00:21:01 OMG! it still won't work! this is so stupid! i really want ppl to see my video 'half way around the world' i made so much in like less than a month. i think i made 1..2..3..4..yeah. 4.
    1. Stop That Time.....starring inu and kag(techno music)
    2. Half Way Around The World...starring inu and kag(pop music)
    3. Get Back...starring InuYasha (Rap/Hip-hop)
    4. Siren...Starring Kagome (sad music) *NEW* just finished today. didn't save to computer yet though. u'll see it soon though. that is, when this stupid site let's me upload my video. OOPS! sorry! hope u didn't read that the owner of the site..whoever you are... 
  • #1 2005-02-16 00:28:11 wow...this is the first time i used this journal thing. well...since i can't upload my coolie new video i thought i would type in here. that video took so damn long. u have no idea. i just hopes everyone likes it. i'm those type of ppl have to make it with the right clips match with the rite lyrics u know. yup. i'm those kind of ppl. but if ya do that...the video comes out really well.  
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