JOURNAL: mckeed (David )

  • Reviewing spree 2002-01-17 16:45:25 I am in the process of reviewing all of the videos that I ahve in my possesion. That is a lot of videos. 307 in all....after i am done it should make me the most opinionated member. Still working on getting my RT2500 workign correctly, that is why I haven't been making much progress on my Dual video.....have about a minute left and then i got to go back through and do some effects work. 
  • Finally got a three-way 2001-11-05 23:29:40 No, it isn't sexual, it is a three way video sequence with three video layers with various parts of the screen trnasparent so you can see all through. Started playing with motion of the clips and have thought of a few good ideas that kind of add a gag to the video. Been doing a lot of lip syncing in this video and will be by far my most technical video to date. Will enter it into the database in a few weeks when it gets closer to completion. Hopefully i will get motivated to get some hosting from featureprice, but i think i've just about figured how to run a NAT server so that i can update my dynamic IP and use and my own server to host my videos and save myself some bux.

    On a side note, bought my 4 way USB KVM switch, got another computer that they were getting rid of at work which will be my MP3 streaming server, a new vcr and 13in TV for my editing workstation, and the DVD burner.....i just love spending money. 
  • New video idea and update on current project 2001-10-26 23:11:22 My usher vid to dual is comming along nicely. Incorporating more and more stuff into my videos. Every time I make one I add another skill to them. Trying some lip syncing and some trasparent blurring effects. There are so many things in premire to learn. It is freaking nuts. On another note. I thought of a really messed up video to make. It will be a Perfect Blue video. Yes i know, almost all perfect blue vids are messed up. But the combination of the song and the vid should make for a really fucked up video. Looking to the perfect drug vid as my inspiration. This will probally be a artistic vid. Depending on how it comes out, I might keep it for AWA 8. Probally won't start on it till around christmas and will take a lot of tweaking it to get the right feel to it. 
  • Doh....another video of mine done 2001-10-18 11:32:05 I guess I can't be to mad, it just seemds that the good video ideas that I have, but haven't had a chance to get to making keep on getting made. I mean, it isn't like I put it in the dbase since I haven't started working on it yet, but i still wish I could have gotten around to doing the videos. The video in question is michelle branch's everywhere. I think it is a kick ass song and again was done to the same anime that I was going to do......sigh. Guess you can't win them all. On anothe side note, i think i have everything done on my kenshin seems like I allways find something to change or slightly alter every time I look at it. 
  • The Pain of the 9 minute video 2001-10-14 22:41:23 Man, this totally blows. I decided to take a look at all of the cons happening in the next 5 months and it turn out that there is a limit on the length of a video that you can submit on almost all of the contests. I know why there are there, but i have a really good video. The video in question is my Guns N Roses vid to kenshin footage. That baby clocks in a a bit under nine minutes without my bumber, which is only 15 sec, which puts this video at 9:03. I'll enter this baby into the Midwarp contet, since their top limit is 10 minutes. I keep fiddling with this video and making it a bit better every time. I am verry happy with this video and is definately my best work technically and creatively. I think I manage to keep it interesting and hold your attention for the 9 minutes. Although, having a really good song helps quite a bit. Anyway, that is it for my rant. 
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