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  • Has it been a year already? 2003-04-01 15:07:05 Well about 2 and a half months short of a year since I last wrote something here. Not that I write much of anything that's actually meaningful here. All that I've accomplished AMV-wise in almost a year is maybe 50 percent of 2 AMVs. And they aren't even anywhere near complete, Pretty sad. :D I've got far too many ideas now what with all the great series coming out lately, I don't know how in the world I'm going to get them all done before the year ends. Lots of other people have already started doing AMVs to series I plan on doing but haven't come around to yet. I really need to find some sort of motivation to get back into the swing of editing.

    On a completely different note, and attempting to give my views on a controsversial topic that some others have been talking about. The whole war protest thing I almost think is a scam made up by college and high school students so they don't have to go to class. Tis a silly plan if it's actually true, but from my experience we students have done pretty silly things to get out of class. Going to a protest for that purpose may not be that farfetched of an idea. Just my half a cent since I don't seriously believe that. :)

    Oh yeah, I tortured my roomie by watching this flash video over and over this weekend. :>

    Somewhat offfensive and mildly amusing, it seems to proves my opinion that the song that this parody is based on is super-annoying. :p 
  • Oops, been neglecting this. 2002-06-13 17:25:06 Well, haven't had as much time to write stuff here due to preparation to move back home from the university apartment and the general hustle and bustle of Final Exams week. I still managed to put together what I consider to be my first true Action AMV, entitled "Useless Resistance" It even got reviewed. Not a very shining review, but I expected that to happen when I began making it. And while it wasn't a brilliant review, at least a review it got. :D

    Mm, tried out the Opinion Exchange forum and got quite a few responses although I'd wish more people would stop looking at my first video and start commenting on my others. :) I'll gladly take all the reviews I can get, though. :)

    Well, not all that much to write about for an entry that is supposed to make up for 2 days of non-entries. Ah well. :) 
  • Crushed Pringles Spicy Cajun Flavored Potato Crisps makes good cheese topping 2002-06-10 21:45:26 Drip all of that on a baked potato or other starchy substance and you've got dinner! Or at least my dinner.

    Reviewed quite a few more videos today including one that I was rather dangerously close to giving a perfect score. 0_0 The number of opinions I've given is nearing the 50 mark steadily. I wonder if I could hit it by today? I definately won't have the time tomorrow. I'm also quite happy Lovesick Signs has passed up my beta version of Full Metal Shine in downloads. :D Probably because it's somewhat smaller in size, but it certainly is getting downloaded a lot more and in less time. I even got my first review for it. Happy happy.

    Well I'm going to see if I can scrounge up more good videos today while I consume dinner. Yum. :3 
  • Well what do you know? 2002-06-10 01:40:05 An error was reported on my new video's link. At least it was an error that wasn't quite as silly as the last error I got. Where it was listed that the file wasn't found on the indirect link when my link was a direct link instead of an indirect link. Some people, yeesh. :D I tested the download myself just now and it is /working/ If I can download my own files at 2 MB/sec. Other people should be able to download it at least at 20 KB/sec. I'm betting it's because someone tried to download it through left clicking. Remember to right-click and save when downloading direct links.

    Winners don't use drugs!
  • I had a dream... 2002-06-10 01:28:13 ... well actually I didn't last night. But I woke up with what I felt was an wonderful original idea for an anime music video. From about 8 AM to almost 4 PM I worked tirelessly at my latest AMV, incorporating some of the ideas and concepts I had garnered from this very site. One particularly important technique I want to point out is the use of overlays for emphasis of certain scenes and to conserve what precious time is left in the music track.

    I'm very pleased with the result of today's efforts. I had never thought my concept could come together so well in such a short time. But this second video of mine conveys the feelings I want it to convey beautifully. This is something truly artistic that I can be proud of despite the fact it's still not the final version. I'm just sad I can't buy the DVDs now. :D

    Apparently it's being well-received too. It's only been up for about 6 hours and already it has garnered half as many downloads as the beta version of my first video. Either my download has problems or it's been noticed and is being spread by word of mouth. That makes me tremendously happy. :)

    Did some more reviews today, but not as much as usual, possibly due to my own elation. :D 
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