JOURNAL: alternatefutures (Jim Schuler)

  • DFRWJ 2002-08-13 03:28:31 You know, we is getting opinions for my videos like pulling teeth? This is the reason I don't do opinion exchanges anymore... as I get no opinion! It's really quite frustrating. Anywho...

    I'm waiting on a new version of the song I'm using for my SMJ vid. The composer was nice enough to offer not only his updated version but he's also going to do the edits himself. That's nice as my trial of CoolEdit Pro is dead, but it means I can't take credit for the invisible cuts in the music. It's all good though. I gave a preview version out to some of my online buddies, unfortunately it turns out they're a bunch of yes men and only say "It's great" without answering my questions. Thankfully this weekend I'll be up at a gathering in Milwaukee and have a former film major and several broadcasters take a look and give me feedback. Well, in the meantime I have tons of other videos that I'd like to start on, but no HD space to spare for them. Not to mention a host of other projects I'm working on. I really need to choose just ONE hobby and stick with it. Ah, screw that! It wouldn't be fun if I had time to actually finish something! 
  • DNGIYU 2002-07-03 02:03:35 Now I get to be evil. To all of those who owe me reviews know this. I will hunt you down and PM you to death! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah yes, that'll pad my videos with a bunch of 1s.

    I finally got the base of my Maiden Circuit graphic completed! Hopefully I'll be able to animate some footage from it by the end of the week. Let me tell you, this thing is lookin' sweet. When I started this thing out I wasn't so sure, but I've got a lot of confidence in my work now. You just think SOMEONE could produce a decent LCD font, but either they don't look like an LCD or they're extreamly thin. Oh well, at least it forced me to go with the hand-drawn look of the original version, although I did space it out a bit more for the sake of clarity. Sure, having text running into each other doesn't really matter if it's not taking up the entire screen, but once you zoom in...

    I was browsing through videos a few days ago and was plesantly surprised to find that no one had done a video to the Verve Pipe's "Freshman". Does this mean that the anime community will actually recognize that there exists songs which, although tempting, require a level of skill that they will not likely achieve anytime soon? Perhaps, but not me damnit! Don't worry, it will be a long while before I have the opportunity to masacre the song with a pathetic attempt at a video. I just don't have nearly enough footage to accomplish it. Not to mention the shear numbers of actual good videos I could make before I fall back on that. 
  • DJGKY 2002-06-26 02:47:25 Well, I finally saw Episode II... on VCD! Haha! Screw you Lucas! You ain't even gettin' an indirect dime... save for the ticket the poor sob had to buy to see that monstrosity. Good God, and I thought Episode 1 was bad. First, I had a hard time believing it actually WAS Episode II and not a fan film because the cinematography was so horrible. The coulda shaved off twenty minutes if Lucas wasn't obsessed with holding shots well after everyone left the frame. Obi Wan suddenly became a mental midget, constantly lecturing Anikin on the importance of only following the mission and the promptly ignoring the mission to, say, ride on the underside of a droid or threaten Anakin if he doesn't ignore Padme's current plight and follow him off to get his ass kicked. Why the hell did Obi Wan have to go visit Yoda just so that Yoda could tell Obi Wan what Obi Wan already knew? I mean, Obi Wan knows where the planet should be on the map, he knows there's a big gravity well there, but he needs Yoda to tell him that if he flys there he'll find it? Is math that difficult that the Jedi Knight can't put two and two together? Then, there's Anakin. Weren't we supposed to have some simpathy for him? He's just a brat is all he is. Maybe if we saw him turn into a brat instead of him just showing up all pissy we might get where he's coming from. His lines were poorly written and to make matters worse the actor SUCKED! "The sand is rough and gets everywhere, not like here where everything's soft and smooth. Tell me about the rabbits George tell me about the rabits." I mean, how could anyone watch this thing and keep a straight face? The theater must've had people rolling in the ailses! I guess it is a good thing I didn't see it in the theater, I woulda had a bunch of wannabe Jedi's trying to beat the crap outta me with their plastic lightsabers. That's OK though, as I woulda just done what Anakin woulda done. "I killed them! Not just the men, but the women, and the children! They're animals, and I killed them like animals!" Yes everyone, one of Anakin's many pickup lines. This one happened to be far more effective than "He's overly critical, he never listens, he doesn't understand, it's just not fair!" So guys, if you're having problems meeting women, commit a horrendus masacre and then admit to it out of no where. The ladies will fall for you like that. It doesn't matter if you can't save them from a Purina factory and need a blue droid to do your damn job. But if you're still having problems getting the girl, just start talking about how you'll be the greatest Jedi ever and find a way to keep people from ever having to die. They go for that whole 5-year-old emotional level bit. And why the hell did the Jedi Counsile, in their infinite wisdom, assign Padme's freaken STALKER to PROTECT her, and a lowly Padawan at that? If she's so damn important maybe one of the more experianced members should protect her. That is, if they weren't too busy sitting on their asses for the majority of the movie. Episode II: The Impotence of the Jedi. So, what's the moral of the story? If you ever want to take over the Universe, create your own two armies and have them fight each other. The sad thing is there are still people looking forward to Episode III. It'll only be good if Lucas takes the same deal he did with Episode V and be there in name only, otherwise, expect a similar laugh riot. 
  • UZPDN 2002-06-18 02:43:08 Alright now. I have successfully taken a song which was 8:40 in length and chopped it down to a much more manageable and less repetitive 5:18. I think I have six edits in this thing, and really only one is noticable due to a change in overall intensity, not due to an editing glitch. You probably won't even notice it.

    The 16X sized Maiden Circuit is coming along nicely. It currently resides in a photoshop file that is at 112MB in size and growing. My fears have mostly been laid to rest. Although in close-up shots it will obviously be 2DCG work, the airbrushing brings it closer to the original frame's look when zoomed out. The neat thing is that what I thought would take me forever, the airbrushing, is actually coming along quicker than any other element. The interesting part will be actually animating the thing and timing it with the music to have it act as a sort of visualizer. The basic idea is that the music is going to be "sung" by the Maiden Circuit in response to the on screen action. It's going to be interesting. On the one hand the images are definately being determined by music durring the editing phase, however I'm trying to present it the other way around. Even if that effect doesn't come across, it should result in a tight matching between visual and aural. If I can manifest what's going through my head, which I'm pretty confident I can, this video will be lightyears beyond my previous three. In fact, of all the projects I have in mind I see this one being the best of all of them, and I have some pretty darn good concepts waiting in the wings too, if I do say so myself. 
  • BKDOP 2002-05-29 19:24:19 Alright, screw Soundforge. Stupid non-saving demo version! It's Cool Edit Pro for me then! That lets me save and I don't have a puny 1 minute constraint on my created WAVs. I may actually have to buy this thing it's so damn good. I like being able to zoom all the way into each individual bit sample to do editing. Very nice. Wouldn't surprise me if I could change their possition either, but I didn't have a need for that so I didn't try.

    And why the hell didn't I learn about the "pen" tool sooner in Photoshop? It makes drawing these curves so much quicker and nicer looking then the paintbrush. Of course, it's not a very intuitive tool, I had to browse through the help files several time to figure out how to use it correctly. Anyway, I'm going to try making the Maiden Circuit into several layers so I can give it some more depth if I ever do panning shots that take me over the various wires that are blurred out in the foreground. It'll take a bit of guess work to fill in the gaps in the lower levels, but I think I can do it without much problems. Still, the texturing will remain the real hard part. It'll also be interesting when I try to animate this thing. In order to get proper movement I think I'll need to animate this at full resolution and bring it into AE to get the camera pan that I desire. This could be one big HuffYUV file for such short clips. 
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