JOURNAL: Chinpo (Danny Leung )

  • Lil motha fuckin bitches all over! 2002-06-08 18:23:58 Yo! Today was da most shittiest days of my life! I went to da mall! I went to da arcade. Almost everybody I know was there! I played almost every game I like ta play. I lost all but 1 game. IN THE WHOLE ARCADE! 
  • What 2002-06-03 21:25:52 You know I watched the beginning of WWE Raw. Not only did Stone Cold try to act like Arn Anderson. He kicked his ass and PISSED on him. Like Stone Cold just said: Its better to be pissed off than pissed on. Bradshaw is beatin Whacko Stevie Richards with a little Texas flavor to it. He won da big hardcore title. He beat down Lil Spike, Justin Credible, and Crash. That shit was hot. 
  • Wow! 2002-06-01 21:02:46 I'm the new guy son. Just signed in earlier today. I had a big match up against my little cousin in a backyard hardcore match. I put him in the sharpshooter. Then I use the Swanton bomb and the moonsault. Then he beat me with a Stunner and the Walls of Jericho (which was my move)! 
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