JOURNAL: LenWidleheyt (Linus Lindholm)

  • YouTube 2006-06-19 19:14:32 I just found out my FLCL video has been posted on Wee! A friend of mine found it accidentally when googling on my nick name. It's been posted by three separate people between february and july this year. Lots of positive feedback there, so I'm encouraged to start editing again, and maybe finish that third video of mine some time this summer. 
  • Gone, but not missing... 2006-02-11 10:50:37 It's been more than three months since my last entry, so I feel an explanation is in order, together with an assurance that I haven't left "the scene," which would seem appropriate since I've now been nominated in four VCA categories. (Wai!)

    The beginning of the semester has been absolutely insanely packed with activity; three new courses started, which need a lot of attention. I've been elected for the new student welcoming squad for next fall, which also is starting to demand work already. But I've also put a whole bunch of work into getting our anime club, LinDai, working properly. We had our first viewing last tuesday, when we showed Perfect Blue and Those Who Hunt Elves 1-3. Next time is tuesday in two weeks. The webpage is in the works and should be up within next week. Also, this week we finally got our hands on a used video projector, which means we soon will be able to move out of our appartments and into a big ol' auditorium at the university. Just need to solve the sound issue first...

    Putting together the schedule for LinDai has been the biggest challenge for the club yet. Even if you don't speak Swedish, you can probably make out the anime titles in our online semester schedule at It was thrown together a bit on the fly, by only myself and one more person, so it's not as diverse as I would have wanted it. To remedy that for next semester, I've started watching anime like crazy, and told the others to do the same. I'm watching the first one or two episodes of a whole bunch of different series, to widen my own taste as well as the kind of anime the club will be showing.

    With all that's been going on, I haven't been able to do any work at all on my current video project. Bummer. It's taking up 57 gigs on my hd.

    And now, the VCAs! It's the first time I've been able to participate in it at all, so I'm really happy to have gotten any nominations at all, but four was more than I'd even hoped for. I was hoping for Excel's Middle Name to get nominated for "best first," and Jerk it Out for "best fun," and now Jerk it Out also got nominated for "best action," plus I someone felt I deserved "best rookie." Downloads have, as a consequence, increased like crazy on both my videos, which is really fun in itself. Let's hope at least one of the nominations holds for the next step of the contest... 
  • Excel Saga Project #2 (Entry #6) 2005-11-01 04:55:12 Yesterday, I finally finished a stretch of 18 masked frames that was a real pain to make. This means I'm halfway through the video, and I've just started editing the next scene, which will be the best one in the whole thing. It has Menchi in it. Can't wait to finish this project. 
  • Excel Saga Project #2 (Entry #5) 2005-10-27 17:15:12 The project is progressing nicely. However, I've given up on entering it into the UppCon AMV contest. We won't be going at all, since the tickets are all sold out, and I simply won't have time to finish it. So far, it's taken me a total of about 30 hours to finish the first minute of the video, which will be about 2:45 total. I'm done with the first verse and am just starting out doing the middle section between the verses, which is where this vid will begin to shine, comedy-wise. It's a lot of fun making it, but all the masks are really getting tedious. So far I've masked out 28 individual character-sized objects, and I'm probably just short of half way when it comes to the number of masks. (In Jerk It Out, the total number was around 40.) 
  • 2005-10-07 03:54:13 Wow, what a ride the last week has been. On October 2nd, LinDai held its constitutional meeting, where the club was created. Now we're up to our necks in work to be done to prepare for the first viewing, which will probably just be Princess Mononoke. The main problem is that we don't know where to get hold of a digital projector. We could rent them from the university, but that would be way too expensive. But hopefully, we'll have that problem solved soon enough, and then the real work of making the club thrive begins!

    As for the video project, it's progressing nicely, even in the middle of all the chaos that's going on. I'm getting the hang of working with After Effects more and more. Working with masks is tedious, but the results are very nice. And it's a lot easier than doing them in Photoshop. I still have hopes of finishing it in time for UppCon.

    Also, I've started watching Hellsing with a friend. Six eps so far, and we're finishing it on sunday. Great stuff. Tonight it's Excel Saga; ep 19 onwards. Once we've finished that (probably not tonight), it's Evangelion time... 
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