JOURNAL: M.H.A.Q.S. (Haseeb Anwer)

  • A Scary Session! 2005-08-10 20:18:52 I made a video in the lasy days and it was a horror video that I had in mind for alot of time but never got time to make. The concept of Riddle in the Dark was touching but I think most people do not like the Horror genre. Most of the time when you take a horror title it has some moments that can only be felt when you have seen the video for like 1 hour and it has build its environemnt. Now this is the problem in making an AMV with a horror theme. You have 4 to 5 mins and you have to create a feel that is Horror, rythmic, synced and you know whatever.

    Most of the people when afer watching the video come to tell me that they love a horror video, were really not frightened with this one...I had to say..."C'mon poeple, How can you create a horror atmosphere with a song which has guitar and drums in it...".

    Many things said and people gave a great response. I had to make an effort for the series and I think when I started out with Riddle in the Dark, I thought I should not make a sick video and definitely not a Ring or Grudge type AMV. So, the next part in the series and the one that happens to be the last one... I am going to make an AMV which will mean much more than just an AMV and will definitely scare a Horror fan.

    If there's anybody out there reading this Journal and feel that he is a Horror fan, please let me know what do you think of how a horror title should be and are my statments about making a Horror AMV right or not?

    But one thing is for sure...the next part in the series is definitely not for the ones with heart know what I mean. 
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