JOURNAL: Red Wolf (Paul Quinnell)

  • Slow Down, People 2002-12-21 11:37:05 I'm still around, just having a tough time dealing with how quickly this place (especially the forums) seems to be moving these days. And I was told this was the AMV off season =P

    Like many other rats on here I have jump ship to LiveJournal. I'll give you the main reason I moved...offline editor. I'm actually signed up to get DSL sometime in early January but the amount of time I've had at home to get online for just a quick journal entry has been small. We're also been real busy at work with the holiday season (remember, I do work for a retail store even if we specialize in Apple computers). I do like the ability to easily add in code similar to what we do in php as well. Anyway, here's my LiveJournal address for those interested:

    I'm having a good time at the new AWA forum which went up a few weeks ago. Anyone planning on going to AWA next year should at least keep an eye on the place. The Final Fantasy Ball discussion is getting a little out of hand but other than that I'm sure it'll prove a good place for info and exchanges.

    I've finally finished with getting my studio's site up and organized so the only thing left to do there is finish the Mac guide. After that full attention will be brought on my NES Project video. 
  • Site Updated 2002-12-02 17:28:43 I FINALLY got around to updating my main site. I have been wanting to combine aspects of Apple's .Mac homepage system (namely the File Sharing) with my own built html pages. After a good 24 hours of fighting, uploading, downloading, testing, cursing, and reading I have it all done and working...I think.

    The site now opens you up to a menu page. My old front page wasn't anything more than that so I use the .Mac Site Menu since I could then add a cool OS X background and pretty graphics (not that I couldn't own my own but this was much quicker). The menu leads you to either a new video page which I've updated and built myself, the Mac AMV Guide which has a logo now but I'm still working on the new guide, and the AMV Distribution Center which didn't change since it was just updated last week.

    The best part is the new Download section. This leads you to a .Mac File Sharing menu which will centralize all my available downloads from my current AMVs to random MP3 and videos I want to share. I updated the links in my AMV listings (I hope you weren't trying to download one of them earlier today) to match the new download section's links.

    To check it all out just visit the same old address:

    I did make the following announcement on the AMV Distribution Center site today:

    "The AMV Distribution Center will be closed for the holidays from December 23, 2002 to January 3, 2003. I will of course still accept CD requests through the mail but I will not be emailing , burning , or mailing anything during that break period. Afterwards I will get started on any back ordered requests I have and things will return to normal. This will both give me needed time off and will lessen the likelihood of packages being lost in the mail since that is the busiest mailing season."

    Remember December 16 is the USPS' projected busiest shipping day of the year. Good time to send Grandma her present. Bad time to try and get AMV CDs. 
  • Gobble Gobble Gobble *BANG* 2002-11-27 10:43:13 MP3 Archive Project: 5300 Songs, 14.7 Days, 26.87GB

    Well I'll be floating about online during the holiday weekend but like most everyone else I won't be present. So a happy holiday to all and remember that watching AMVs is just as good (if not better) than watching football all day. 
  • Project Updates 2002-11-26 12:21:31 NES Project: On hold until my FireWire case for my new hard drive arrives next Wednesday (stupid holidays shipping lag). By then I'll have my Sailor Moon DVDs back (loaned them to my cousin) and I'll start ripping the first few DVDs I have gathered (will need several more before I have all my source). So far I will be using Sailor Moon R: The Movie, Sailor Moon S, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Transformers as source material but as I said I plan to add many other titles to that list. You can still download an MP3 of the track I've been assigned at:

    *The other files there are copies of the Japanese switch ads Apple posted on their USA site. The videos were neat but Apple didn't provide a translation of the commercials so I added subtitles :evil grin:

    MP3 Archive Project: I probably didn't explain this well earlier. A friend approached me about archiving several large CD collections that we and a few other friends own. So we have been ripping countless CDs (everyone has a large collection and not that many duplicates) and will compile everyone on an external hard drive. The goal is to let everyone have their own stuff in MP3 format and then have a group library to sample from. I am currently working on the CDs from the fourth contributor to the project. Here are the stats on the project so far:

    3289 Songs, 9.2 Days, 16.4GB
    24 Genres, 314 Artist, 266 Albums

    I'll be done with the fourth set today (been working on them since Monday) and will then add those numbers to make it look more impressive =) 
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of More Hard Drive Space 2002-11-24 17:43:47 Today I picked up a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus Hard Drive. Check the specs:

    7200 RPM
    2MB Buffer
    Seek Time: < 9.1 ms
    Ultra ATA/133

    Total cost of drive: $105!

    I found it at Best Buy. I grabbed the last one, inquired about more, and picked up a second one later today for a friend. For all the details check out the post in the Heads Up forum:

    Now I just need to order another of my beloved FireWire enclosures for $55 shipped and I'll be rocking with storage. For the recond my total storage capasities are now:

    40GB Toshiba 2.5" Hard Drive - internal iBook drive
    80GB IBM TravelStar FireWire Hard Drive
    120GB Maxtor Diamond Plus FireWire Hard Drive
    Total Space: 240GB

    The sad thing is I can still fill that up with just a little bit of time. This drive will help with the MP3 project I'm working on as well as make things easier when I start serious ripping for the NES Project. I can also now safely storage all current and future CDs for the AMV Distribution Center in disc image format. 
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