JOURNAL: Pwolf (Scott Grasso)

  • @Everyone 2013-05-12 01:34:09 And that's the show ladies and gents! I hope you enjoyed it! Tune in next time when TC argues that Pwolf isn't really colorblind! It'll be black and white and exciting all the same! 
  • @TC 2013-05-11 20:06:06 Sorry pal, you brought up last years contest when you called me incompetent. I did my job the way I was asked and I did it to the best of my abilities while remaining as fair as possible to every one involved. And before you start throwing around the "putting things in my mouth card again", you posted this in your journal:

    "I just think it's bull to be fucked out of the quickening 2 years in a row. First by incompetent judges who didn't follow the judging rules and I was disqualified by another video that had very poor compression and as a result couldn't tell hardly what was going on, his vid had subtitles....lots of them and huge watermarks and the clips were mainly huge run-on's with little to no editing."

    Over the past 24 hours I've: explained to you how the judging worked, explained in detail why your video lost, disproved your description about the video that knocked you out, explained and described for you how the rules of the site work in regards to downloaded sources and pirated software (as well as asked you to provide proof of ownership for your software, still waiting), and the only thing I've called you is unreasonable and unrealistic.

    What more do you want from people? Yue opened the contest at a specific time and date. First come first serve for those who follow the rules. Once the slots are filled, it's done. How else would she do it? Its the way it worked. Get over it. Yue can ban you all she wants from her contests. She wouldn't be the first one to do so and she wont be the last. You're not unique in this situation and there's very little you can do about it. First step might be to regain whatever respect people have left for you.

    So, Aaron, lets stop playing this game. I have nothing left to prove. I've laid out all the facts very clearly. The ball is in your court. Convince me why I didn't do my job. If you can give me some real hard proof that I didn't do my job then I'll be the first to make sure everyone knows. If you can't do that then stop complaining, accept your loss, and stop digging yourself into a hole you can't climb out of.. Cause the more you go on like this the worse it's going to get.

    Your ball, make it count. 
  • @TC 2013-05-11 11:42:23 Go ahead any prove your point how ever you want... it doesn't change the fact that the rules/codes regarding downloaded sources have NEVER been enforced and the administration has come out several times saying they wont. None of the contests on this site enforce that rule... No convention contest worth submitting to enforces that rule. Not even the VCAs. Have you participated in the VCAs at all over the past six years? For god sakes man.

    There's nothing wrong with being outspoken or speaking your mind. However, you are being completely unreasonable and unrealistic. You're being selfish and self-centered. You should've moved on in the contest because *you* think the other video sucked. You're making unreasonable excuses for why you should've advanced when many times over other people, and now myself, are proving you wrong. These are the facts. This isn't speculation. You refuse to accept that as an answer even though it's the only answer. There's no other way to put it. You lost because your video sucked a little more than the other guy's. No rule or code will change that.

    You also have an unreasonable expectation that a coordinator should bend to your every whim because you can't get onto a computer at a certain time to sign up for a contest. How is that fair to everyone else when a coordinator changes everything to conform to your schedule? "Well TC can't sign up because he's at work so let wait 5 hours..." or "Well, TC couldn't sign up because he's at work but that's OK! We saved him a spot, sorry guys who follow the rules." Is that really what you want? Is that fair to everyone else? While we're at it, should we screen every editor to make sure they own the software then use to edit with to conform to the *strict* rules of the org?

    No one has a problem with you being outspoken. We have a problem with you being unreasonable and unrealistic. You're a poor sport who cant accept your faults. You put blame on everything and everyone except yourself. Own up to your mistakes and people might actually respect you for it. 
  • @TC 2013-05-11 02:13:32 Grow up dude. Lazy != giving up. I give up on videos all the time, doesn't mean I'm lazy. Sometimes you just run out of time. I don't care if you were up til the crack of dawn working on the end of the video, it LOOKS LIKE you gave up... and that's what matters. You're criticizing a video and calling the judges on some random BS foul play. I'm telling you why your video probably lost, from my point of view at least. I wouldn't be surprised if the other judges felt the same (and it seems like they did).

    The video:

    Also, i would guess probably 90% of the videos in the contest used downloaded sources. Yue gave us a list of judging criteria, none of which mentioned following the org's rules. Hell, you have some videos in your profile that don't follow that rule either (didn't know sword art online was available yet). Why should you be allowed to have those videos on the org? I'd also like to see proof that you own all the software you use to edit with. I'm not accusing you, just want to make sure you're good for your word that you didn't break the rules as well. Lets be fair now right?

    Just to point out, the sites rules are a code of ethics. While we look down at using downloaded sources, we have never not let anyone use them. Most people on this site don't even own the software they use. I bet most of the people in the Quickening don't. Lets DQ everyone! Hell, I'll enter in that case... automatic win!

    Instead of getting all pissy like you are and coming up with random excuses, calm down and open your eyes. Stop making excuses for yourself. You didn't make a good video that round. It was worse than the other two no matter how you justify it. I don't care how much effort you put into it. It didn't turn out good. Learn from it and move on. Make better videos that aren't random messes...
  • @TC 2013-05-11 01:25:50 I found the videos again. I also wouldn't normally go this far but you're talking complete bullshit now. The video in question is nothing like what you're describing. Yes, it has a watermark and there's one subtitle at the very end but really, that's all. The encoding is perfectly fine (however I would've marked it down a little) and it's not just one long running scene without cuts.

    Your video on the other hand is a jumbled up pile of mess. The audio starts halfway into the video without any reason why. You're audio edits make no sense. You have random characters lip-syncing with no real concept that brings any of it together. You do crappy zoom-in/zoom-out effects for no reason. Your scene selection doesn't match the pace and tempo of the song. You use random effects all over the place with no connection to anything that's going on. Not to mention it starts off as an action video then turns into some random comedy bit about only having one day left to edit? It looks like you gave up at the end. It's a random mess of a video honestly.

    I can tell you I probably didn't vote for your video right now. At least the other editor looks like he tried to do something legit and not just throw random shit together. 
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