JOURNAL: Atvaark (Ambroise Confetti)

  • Fame and Glory 2005-10-05 18:19:22 My AMV Zombie entered the top 10%, thanks to... err, thanks to my wonderful audience and their wonderful opinions! ;)

    I guess it won't stay there for a very long time, but who knows... 
  • Bounce 2005-08-29 05:22:50 Some news of my ongoing work.

    - One track of a multicreator project initiated by Tyler. I've been working on it for some time now and it's near completion. I won't reveal what the project is about, but I can say that I chose Wolf's Rain as an anime, and we're ten creators involved.

    - A project with WilLoW... That's a new experimental editing concept, which I won't describe or you'll think I'm crazy. (Anyway, if you've watched some of my videos, you already know I'm crazy.) Nostromo may even contribute to it. All I can say: Cowboy Bebop meets Aphex Twin. And it bounces a lot.

    I'm really glad I can work with such amazing creators as Tyler, WilLoW and Nostromo, and be fully in control of my work. That's very pleasant freedom, even though I'm late for both projects... ^^; 
  • Oh no! more journal entries! 2005-02-14 04:04:23 That's it.

    From now on I'll be making AMV's for myself and only for myself, as it used to be the case for my first vids.

    At some point, I found it interesting and satisfying to receive other people's opinions about my work.

    But I'm pissed of some kinds of comments. I'm pissed of the Org and so many people getting so serious about AMV's (serious in the wrong way, cause by reading this entry, you'll see I'm serious about AMV's, too). I'm pissed of stupid otakus bowing to AMV "stars". I'm pissed of top 10% with hyper-accurate baylesian average and pseudo-scientific crap. How can you rank AMV's? How can you say that a complex piece of art equals a number between 0 and 10? That's insulting.

    I love AMV's but I'm pissed of the AMV world.

    Let's be realistic: we're not doing anything serious here. Just having fun. Or trying to. But I don't want to try, I want to actually have fun. I don't want to get pissed reading comments or fighting against VCA disqualification for dumb administrative rules.

    I don't want constraints. How can you freely create anything original with conventions and constraints?

    It's a choice: I can have fun making AMV's, or have fun reading comments on them. But if I start caring about other people's opinions, then I cannot freely create.
    I experienced that already: "damn, I love that part, but most people won't like that". And stupidly I changed it. I made AMV's I liked less for other people to like them more. That's what the Org makes you do by giving so much importance to reviews, to opinions, to star averages, to VCA, and other elitist crap. AMV's are no competition.

    From now on, I don't care about other people anymore. My vids will be mine again. I definitely prefer having fun making and watching them, than having fun counting good ops.

    Have fun with Viewer's Crap Awards. Shall the winner be the one who has more friends to vote for him.

    Too many people here for me. Gonna be the lonely wolf again.

    Take care. 
  • At last! 2004-10-03 23:11:59 My new vid is out:

    Have fun! ^^ 
  • Atvaark strikes back 2004-03-30 04:00:51 Dear whoever you are,

    Yesterday I've started making a new AMV.

    Thanks for reading,

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