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  • I love Anime 2002-11-06 11:21:52 I love Anime.
    I love Anime.
    I love Anime.
    I love Anime.
    I love Anime.

    I hope I've made myself very clear.

    Thank goodness the Golden Donut is near...

    ::sigh:: Homework calls....

  • 2002-10-18 09:22:56 It's driving me crazy.

    I have soo many new ideas for videos. Its driving me insane (not to say that I was ever sane in the first place). There's this Two-Mix song I love and being that I love it I play it constantly. One day I was singing (and dancing) to the said song and an idea poopped in my head. Well not an idea, but I knew the perfect anime to go with the song. Then I got an idea of what the video would look like and what effects I wanted to do. Now the idea has grown considerable in size and its eating away at me. I guess the fact that I have no source material for this particular anime doesn't matter mush to the demonic idea growing in my head. Not to mention that the effects alone might take me a year to do if I do decide to make this video.

    And let's not talk about the other 8 ideas that have been eating away at my brain...

    I think I should finish my current video first...

    So many ideas, so little time.. 
  • 2002-10-17 17:40:16 Well, I got 12 hits on my journal since the last time I posted. So its up to 906. For some reason I feel like listening to old pop music. Right now I am listening to Mariah Carey's "MusicBox". I used to be a big fan of hers. That is, until she turned into a piece of slutty trash. I remember not too long ago she had a nervous breakdown and came here to Westchester where her mom or something lived to get some R&R. Alot of people come around here actually. Bill Clinton lives in Chappaqua, which is where I suspect another anime fan lives because anytime I want to borrow any of the anime DVD's from that library everything is ALWAYS checked out. I remember it took me forever to get a hold of the first Kenshin DVD. Not that my library system has alot of anime. Not even 100 titles, a bunch of which are Pokemon . Which reminds me, I should check to see if they have Vampire Hunter D. Last time I checked the catalogue I they had just received some Lain too.
    Also the infamous "Son of Sam" lived two buildings down the street from me. They have since changed the number of the building. One of my bosses taught him how to drive actually. And the park where he used to do his weird sacrifices (or whatever it was)is right next to the hospital where I was born. I go to the park alot because its so beautiful there, its like being in another world. Its one of those historically perserved parks, not because of the Son of Sam (David Berkowitz), but because there is alot of old architecture and other neat stuff there. Only thing is that strange people hang around there, especially at night. It gives me the spooks sometimes Ok With that last line I think I just convinced everyone that I am actually 10 years old

    I suppose as a responsible member I should comment on the return of the forums. Well I hope everyone behaves, I hope things get better, I hope people have fun. Once again, good work Phade. He always finds a good solution to problems.

    Ohh its almost feeding time!! Everyone come and watch the elf eat!! 
  • 2002-10-16 08:41:52 Well seems like the journals are the next best thing. I always liked the journals better than the forums though. The intelligent people usually have something funny or interesting to say about their lives or AMV's or whatever. It's nice and personal. Then of course we have the usual idiots that just post curses or write about how they are going to find the "coolest" method for killing themselves (if that person is really depressed, that is one thing. they should see someone for help. but if its just for attention, which I am sure it is about 75% of the time, they need to get a life).
    Not to say that I think I write about intelligent things. Right now I feel like going on a rant about Gundam Wing. And I just wrote the whole thing out and I just erased it because it sounded pretty damn immature. And a bit premature too since I've only seen 8 episodes.

    Right now I am listening to in the university library. Alas, I must depart to write a meaningless English paper. On a side note, the Philosophy paper I BSed about a week and a half ago got me an A. First A I've gotten (on a paper) in my college career. Took me long enough.
  • 2002-10-15 09:39:06 I feel bad for all those trolls that use the forums as their playground. Serves them right I say. Seemed like the average IQ there was about -100. And let's not even talk about the lack of common courtesy (which is not so "common" it seems). Anyway it might suck if the forums are banished into oblivion, but then again it could have its good points. Well whatever Phade decides, I'm behind him 100%.
    I went to see "Spirited Away" on Saturday and I must say, I loved it. It was great. Nevermind the fact that I was the only person there that wasn't accompanied with a child (some kid's father was looking at me strangely before the movie started). That's what I call good anime.

    My brother came home for Columbus Day weekend. I was glad because I could finally talk "anime" with someone. And he watched the End of Eva and some Kenshin. I love him and all, but I do wish he wouldn't be so cocky and chauvinistic. If he weren't my brother and he was just some guy I met somewhere, then I would definitely think he was a creep.

    As for some miscellaneous thoughts:
    -I hate my school
    -I think I hate my life too
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