JOURNAL: 0takuT0m (Tom Christensen)

  • Video Update 2005-10-10 22:55:17 I lied a little bit...I'm making a new video before I finish my 3-D one. The 3-D one should be ready in time for me to enter it into the [adult swim] animation contest, though. My next one is something that I'm a little surprised hasn't been done yet (from what I've seen). I'm actually ripping the DVDs as I type this, so look forward to it within the next cuple weeks. Hope you guys enjoy ^_^ 
  • New videos coming soon ^_^ 2005-09-09 20:52:23 Okay, I've got some plans for new videos, and my next one is going to be quite interesting, using my own personal 3-D animation, something that really hasn't been seen on this site (at least from what I've seen). Look for it in a couple of weeks. Other than that, look for my first video series, using all 12 songs from one of my favorite albums. A new video should come out every month, and I'm thinking of releasing the first one in January of 2006. Preparations for these videos are still underway (Mainly choosing what shows to put in) and I'm hoping to have it ready soon. I've got a lot coming up and it'll be a lot of fun for you all. If you want to talk to me online, I have a new AIM address. I am now otakutom on AIM. Feel free to say hi ^_^ 
  • First Journal Entry 2005-04-27 08:02:40 Hey everybody, I just wanted to actually post something on my journal for once. I also wanted to mention that I've got some great stuff lined up already for this year, as well as a move from Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premier ^_^ My next video will be using AP for the first time. Also, look out for an animation within the next few months by me, which I will post on my own personal website, since it will not be an actual AMV. I'm hoping to make 2005 a much better year than 2004, which wasn't bad in the first place ^_^ 
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