JOURNAL: aokakesu (Jay R. Locke)

  • Untouched 2013-04-11 22:29:49 List of AMV Difficult Music:
    (also what I don't see in "Search by Musician", yet is ripe for the picking)

    - Sleigh Bells
    - Fol Chen
    (forgive me while I dive into Canadiana Esoterica)
    - Jane Child
    - Zappacosta
    - Honeymoon Suite (really? Only three songs?)
    - Platinum Blonde (three Honeymoon Suite AMVs but not a single one for Blonde? I am stunned)
    - Alanis (Before she had a last name. That first album that her fans disavow ever existed.)  
  • AMV archaeology update 2013-04-10 21:00:56 So I run into the problem of choosing my archival media...

    ...poorly (dissolve into dust)

    CD-Rs suck!

    I only have access to an old-as-all-heck 3.4GHz P4 HT Prescott laptop to save my old projects and I run into an old enemy.

    Now this gets unusual.

    Pulling the info from the CDs takes looong reads at slow speeds over tens of hours. Guess what is the major problem? Heat, yes...but only the source of it. The CDs, under influence of the heat generated by the laser on small track areas is causing the CD to suffer thermal deformation.

    Hot on the bottom + Cold on top = pho bowl

    So now your CD is shaped like a bowl. As the read progresses from inside to outside, the laser reaches max_focus_distance and then the recovery dies. Actually, the CD JAMS in the drive.

    DDRescue can pull this together, but the media fails me :( 
  • Pressure. Let it go. 2012-12-19 21:38:15 This is one specifically for Omnistrata, but it goes for any of you who are out there getting a metric ton of pressure to perform and follow up in the AMV world.

    STOP, NOW!

    Stoppit. No. Fuggetaboutit. no. shh. (take a breath)

    You've kicked butt and did some equivalent SuperBowl of AMV ... um,AMV

    Don't let the pursuit of the follow up completely screw up the follow up.

    Put yourself back into that frame of mind that created THAT masterpiece. NOW!

    I'll bet you were:

    1. Clueless (in retrospect)
    2. Beating the crap out of that new hardware.
    3. Following nothing but youself.
    4. (most important) HAVING FUN!!

    If you haven't noticed, Number 4 is very important.
    The audience will smell desperation long before your complete and rapture filled glee of having fun.

    Remember. Fun before glory.

    They'll love you for it. 
  • Archival CDs my arse! 2012-12-09 19:47:11 So I dig through my bank of CD-Rs (oh, how quaint and antique), find all the Adobe Premiere 5 project files, audio and video source masters for all of my AMVs...

    ...It's all dead!

    Even though the CDs have spent their thirteen years in what I would consider to be reasonable conditions, every one of them is rife with errors!

    WTF was I paying for when I bought "archival" quality CD-Rs?!

    Now it's time to unleash the power of ddrescue, hold my breath and then stuff the remaining pieces on to flash RAM - that is until the ubiquitous USB-A connector fades into obscurity 9_9

    I'm beginning to think that it's a good policy to revisit precious data every 5 years and do a storage media jump. More updates to come as I go all out Indiana Jones on this old data.  
  • Dear Ominstrata 2012-12-01 02:42:04 Dear Omnistrata,

    To your persistance and presence in this community nearly as "constant as the north star", I salute thee. I hardly figure out to show up once every half-decade.

    "I am constant as the northern star,
    Of whose true-fix'd and resting quality
    There is no fellow in the firmament."
    Julius Caesar (III, i, 60 62)

    The things that beat that energy out of your soul are small, hard and numerous and would frighten the young and bold if uttered in volume.

    So, do not speak of them. Let those bold souls be.

    yeah, get off my lawn. etc. :P
    Frack me, I sound bitter, but honest. 
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