JOURNAL: KeitaroBaka (Peter Schlömer)

  • Unbelievable Traffic 2003-02-15 09:33:20 I have learned a lesson from this: offering an AMV for download is not easy. Especially if it is to a song a lot of people seem to like...

    I put the downloads of the two versions of my new vid (English and Russian) up on the afternoon (German time) of 13th of February. From then to the end of the evening of the 15th, this caused a total traffic of 2.5 gigabytes.

    So now I have, on my domain, used about 1 gigabyte of the 7.5 gigabytes I get for free per month. I killed the other webspace with my ISP, causing 1.5 gigabytes of traffic (before they switched that off - 1 gigabyte is the limit per month).

    Now at least the English version is on webspace without a traffic limit. I will see whether I can leave the Russian on the 7.5GB-limited space - I calculated I can still afford 350 downloads. So I'm hoping that with passing time, fewer people will download.

    So I may never make another AMV - just because there is not webspace available you could download it from... 
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