• weird day 2005-02-11 15:04:03 ok today has been weird.i woke up an a big storm was hitting my town i couldnt walk to school so i had to wait till my moms friend came and picked us up.ok so i got to skool at 7:45 perfect(-_-) so i didnt get to see my baby AMBER. ok then the day sucked and i hate all my classes.ok remeber i told tyou amber said she whanted to take it slow.well she sure as hell slowed things down and know the only time i get akiss in is when i drop her off at her classes or when ui have to leave.ok well i hope my present on monday get her back to her old self. by the rate were going ill be lucky to get a mack when i graduate.anyways im in 4th period and this class sucks.ok well ill leave you here and ill update more later ok thnx for reading

    UNCLE J 
  • OK UPDATED 2005-02-10 21:28:19 OK WELL THINGS WHENT OK TODAY I GUESS AMBER DID(OOPS FORFGOT TO TURN OFF CAPS)slow things down alot which im not mad at im actually happpy but.N-E ways well see what happens tomorrow ok.she is though playing with my head but hey shes hot and what can i do. 
  • LOTS OF NEW THINGS 2005-02-10 15:09:21 ok i havent been writting latey but here is the goood and bad news.Ok good news monday we had a day off of school so i whent to my friend mitchels house.when i was there amber called me and said if i whanted to come over to her friend's tiff's house.ok so i walked up there and i saw her and we where like hey.then she kissed me and i kissed this point you can tell how happy i am.ok so we go to tiff's house.ok then she leads me to tiffs room and she lays on the bed so i get on the bed and we end up making out for like 2 1/2 hours.ok so we did alittle of messing around.ok then on tuesday i guess shes my girl friend again.on tuesday we had an eraly leave from school so she invited me to tiffs again but this time jessica envited herself.we did the same thing as monday but jessica keeped trying to cock block so that made me kinda mad.Ok so after that i got down to a store to buy her V-Day present at the store i saw condoms and i decided to buy some just incase something happend between us id rather be safe than we whent to tiff's on the middle of thing tiff said ow jose why dont you use the condoms.she brought them out and amber go super upset.i dont know why ok i can see she though that i though that i was gonna get laid.but even so i was just being safe.WAS I WRONG BY BEING SAFE AND PROTECING THE BOTH OF US IN CASE OUR HORMONES GOT THE BEST OF US?i dont know today she didnt want to kiss me and she wrote me a letter saying not to worry and to slow things down which i think is ok but shes acting weird and its really stressing me out.well ill get back to you guys later on ok thnx for reading.
    UNCLE J 
  • saturday 2005-02-05 18:55:26 nothing new today im gonna call amber later 
  • friday 2005-02-04 14:09:32 ok things are better today i told jessica to give me some space to think things trough.Jessica is so pusshy though she hugs me all the time and she always whants to call me.i leave school and in 5 minutes she calls.i get home and she calls im taking a shit and she sleeping and she calls,im showering and she calls.So you can see its kinda annoying.Amber on the other hand is the best things that has happen to me in a long time.

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