JOURNAL: Adahlfin

  • Usagi Project #4: The Miracle Chapter 2008-05-26 17:12:20 Again, there will be 2 versions, but this time instead of the "Director's Cut" having a gory opening it will have deliberately used subtitles that give away massive series spoilers. I will probably have the full version done a few days before the YT version. Both will have the same basic scenes, but the video I will be posting here is being made with the subtitles complimenting the storyline set by the video series. I hope that the careful use of subtitles to augment the story will be apparent and not seen as sloppy work as subbed scenes will not be used for all the scenes. I plan on having the full video done within a week. 
  • Usagi Project expanded 2008-03-04 10:26:17 I'm adding a video to my Usagi no Naku Koro ni project. I figured Satako deserved a video as well, so #3 "The Praise Chapter" will be about Satoshi, Satako, and Mion and use the song "Unfamiliar". "The Miracle Chapter" is now #4. 
  • Project Usagi no Naku Koro Ni 2008-02-17 18:15:05 Work has me away on business for another month and a half, but that won't stop me from making AMVs. I just got a 17" HP Pavilion laptop and the Usagi no Naku Koro Ni Project is underway. Tsubaki is real nice, in spite of having Vista.

    The Usagi no Naku Koro Ni Project consists to 3 AMV "chapters" all featuring scenes from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and music by The Birthday Massacre.

    The Birthday Chapter: (Happy Birthday)
    Basically sets you up for the series, a warning that these videos are going to be ultra violent, but this is to be the most violent of the three. Main focus on Rena and Keiichi. Dedicated to the Rena cosplayer at NakaKon and RenaRyuuguu.

    The Penalty Chapter: (Goodnight)
    This one will focus on Shion, Mion, Keiichi, and the games the club plays. Dedicated to Teresa.

    The Miracle Chapter: (Science) (Most scenes from Kai)
    Main focus on Rika and Hanyuu and their struggle to break the cycle of massacres. Dedicated to EmoBunnyGirl.

    And, of course, the entire project is dedicated to Chibi, the boys, and the Running Rabbits (fans of TBM). 
  • 2007 recap 2008-01-02 17:11:45 4 videos completed in 2007 and one more with most of it's editing taking place in 2007, but actually completed Jan 1st, 2008. Two love pieces, two concept videos. I had a competition winner and a yuri video. Still need to learn After Effects.

    Videos I hope to do this year:
    "7 Days to the Wolves"
    "Faye's Horns"
    "Outlaw Serenity"
    "Outlaw Serenity Trailer"
    "Start Over"
    FuruBa/Frente! AMV
  • Commisioned AMV 2007-10-02 20:01:32 I don't know how often this happens, or if ever before, but I am about to begin work on "Spike's One Regret", an AMV featuring music from an artist that personally requested that I make a video to one of his songs.

    At Naka-kon '07 I was approached by Aaron Hollingsworth, an independent artist from Ottawa, Kansas. He asked if I could make an AMV to one of his songs. At that time I could only hear what he had on his MySpace and decided that "One Regret" would make a good Cowboy Bebop AMV. Most of a year and a remastering of his album later, the project is now in motion. 
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