JOURNAL: SecondChild (Aaron Becker)

  • Otakon AMV contest - (Hahaha, long time, no write!) 2008-08-12 19:03:36
    Well, I see I haven't written in my journal since 2002. Appropriate, since I haven't made a video since then, either (until now, mwa-hahaha).

    So, I put "Asuka+Shinji" up a while ago, I guess I expected a mixed reaction on that one.

    I am, however, quite proud to say that "Sex and Violence" (which I have just now uploaded) made it into the finals in the Otakon AMV contest. It was really great to see my video on such a huge screen. I didn't win in my genre, but I didn't expect to. I didn't even expect to get in, seeing as I've been away from the scene for so long!

    All in all, it was a great experience, and I can't wait to start making more AMVs. I hope I can take part in the contest next year, as well.

    - Aaron 
  • AAARGH 2002-02-28 10:35:52

    Due to the bandwidth limit on my server, I have to take both of my videos down, and this means also that I won't be able to put up my new, third, video. =(

    If anyone knows anyone interested in hosting my videos, please contact me at


    - Aaron 
  • AAARGH 2002-02-28 10:34:57  
  • Wow. The world truly is a small place - especially online. 2002-02-27 23:32:00
    This is truly an historic event, perhaps the beginning of my career. =)

    I was checking my new video, "The Angel Of Black Fire" ( set to "Happy Child", by Tweaker, and found a very nice opinion. That made me happy.

    Then, I recieved an e-mail, from Jeff Antebi, from Waxploitation, who told me that he had found and watched my video, loved it, and passed it along to Chris Vrenna (who created the aforementioned song, and it's album).


    Now I'm anxious and waiting to hear the opinion of the man who wrote the song! *bites nails* Kura kura!

    - Aaron B. (TSC) 
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